CI Assistant Training

Our most recent Assistant Training Was March 11, 2017!

Lead by Senior Practitioner Lorin Kaufman, 13 students were certified in the CI approach for assisting workshops, which could also be described as holding space for transformation.

Congratulations to our new Provisional Assistants!

Top row, left to right:
Amanda Cruise, Chris Hambleton, Lauren Sugarman, Cheryl Berry, Gen Zorich, Britta Fischlin, Claudia Brodrick, Katherine Presley, Holly Woods
Center – Lorin Kaufman
Bottom Row: Quiana Grace Frost, Dexter Leland, Katherine Lee, Jewell Scanlon

The result is the creation of a strong foundation for the CI classes and teachings to flourish as CI expands more and more into the world. This training is the gateway onto the path of becoming a CI Illuminated Body teacher. The class is designed for participants to learn and practice Core Competencies, know how to navigate the passage from being a student to being a team member, and to create a strong container to hold and witness students as they evolve and transform.

Through a combination of inquiry and conversation and practical exercises and experiences, a group of inspired and inspiring team members emerged. These trainings represent a big turning point in the evolution of CI and how classes are supported and taught. We’ve been learning a lot about what works and what we could do better to make CI more accessible to the world and we’re constantly developing better ways to make that happen.

You may notice that some of these people have been around the CI world for a long time. Everyone who wants to assist or teach CI classes will begin here, as we continue to create integrated systems and procedures to support the work. Many of us are already leaders and teachers, practitioners and professionals. The ways that we can work together as a team helps to bring CI itself to a different level of evolution, and it’s important that we all have and demonstrate the same skill and mindsets. There will be another CI Illuminated Body Assistant Training in the fall of 2017. The prerequisite for attending is to have completed at least Illuminated Body and Energetic Hygiene classes, and to have had at least 5 CI healing sessions.

If you’re interested in being part of that training, please contact us at