Christmas Magic is Alive and Well!

When CI Practitioner Regina Schulman’s 7 year old grandson came up to Massachusetts from down south to visit for Christmas he was worried Santa and his reindeer would not know how to find him. Seriously concerned the jolly old elf would not know where to leave his Christmas presents in the morning, Grandma Regina came to the rescue. Together they decided some special reindeer food would be required to attract them and that if that happened surely Santa’s sleigh would follow and he’d  be able to make his delivery.

They set to making the special concoction which was made up mostly of crumbled cookies and Christmas Magic. Being a good Level IV Practitioner what did Regina do in this very delicate situation? She brought in the energy: Christmas Magic direct from the Source and filled the bag to the brim.

It’s very important to note that her grandson also brought in his 7 year old version of this beautiful and magical energy. It was so cute to see them out there carefully laying a trail toward the house that Grandpa John didn’t even notice much about the bag when he snapped the digital photo of them on Christmas Eve. It wasn’t until later they realized just how much magic they had put into it!  Just take a look at the bag!!!!

Reindeer food

Fall 2014 Practitioner I Graduation

On December 8, 2014 at Open Sky Retreat Space our Sacred Anatomy Community welcomed another six CoreIndividuation Level I Practitioners. That makes fifteen new Level I Practitioners this year! They are: Matt Yerge, a body worker originally from Buffalo, NY now residing in Oakland, California; Nancy Randall, a yoga instructor who specialized in teaching the elderly from San Francisco. Samantha Russell, a local Marin Reiki Master and teacher just finishing her psychotherapeutic internship; Raje Heyer, a cranial sacral therapist and lymphatic drainage expert from Austin, Texas; Brian Duby, a Network Chiropractor from Portland, Oregon and Karen Anne Louise owner of Cleansing Ministries and an expert at hydrotherapeutic cleansing from Sonoma County. All wonderful healers who have fallen in love with CI, we are lucky to have them and we warmly welcome this wonderful group into our community!

Left to right: Matt Yerge, Samantha Russell, Nancy Randall, Karen Anne Louise, Raje Heyer,  Brian Duby.

Left to right: Matt Yerge, Samantha Russell, Nancy Randall, Karen Anne Louise, Raje Heyer, Brian Duby.