Dowsing Clinic



We were forced to cancel this clinic due to scheduling conflicts at Unity of Marin

We will reschedule in 2017 – Thanks!


Do you ever think about or wonder…….

For beginning dowsers:

  • Are my readings are accurate?
  • Why is this taking so long?
  • Why is this darn thing moving so slow?
  • Why is this darn thing moving so fast?
  • Why isn’t this darn thing moving at all?
  • Why can’t I do this?
  • I’m getting carpel tunnel!
  • I must be crazy!
  • What good is this?

For more advanced practitioner dowsers:

  • How do you know when your percentages and pulses are correct?
  • How can you be sure you can really count on your dowsing?
  • What about when you get a dowsed response that is different than what you ‘feel’?
  • Attuning yourself to your rod so you can use it as an extension of yourself
  • How can you become more exact in your dowsing?

We’re here to help!

It takes time to become an expert dowser, but you can have the assistance of a Master Dowser!

Come join Desda Zuckerman for a Dowsing Clinic

This clinic is open to all who have completed Energetic Hygiene for Healers

Bring your dowsing rod!


We will schedule another in 2017