Britta Fischlin

Phone: 650-387-4714

Info:  In Person, I see clients in Palo Alto, CA, USA
Remotely, I work with clients by Zoom, Skype, or Phone

As a transformational business expert, I partner with professionals who want to leave behind the corporate world and launch their own business and mission-driven entrepreneurs, coach-preneurs, and other solo-preneurs who want to uplevel their business growth to help them match their inner state of being with their outer business success, going from fear to courage and working through roadblocks along the journey while creating the business and marketing that uniquely fit them.

My talent is seeing the possibilities of ideas, designing the strategy to bring them into form, and then helping you with the implementation of it, offering a structure of accountability in an endeavor that can often feel very lonely.

I have always been drawn to the integrated perspective, and that’s how I collaborate with my clients, by incorporating all of your aspects–emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual, on both the personal and the business level–for me, there is no “one size fits all” formula that I apply. Instead, we work in partnership to discover the access point for you and explore from there how all aspects of your being can come into cohesiveness in support of your personal and business goals.

I combine 30 years of business and marketing background with a deep level of listening, years of coaching and somatic practices, and CoreIndividuation to help you release any obstacles, feelings of frustration and stuck-ness, and subconscious limiting beliefs, to heal your relationship to business, marketing and selling, and to create a customized business and marketing approach so that everything is in alignment to manifest your personal and business success.

I invite you to contact me for an initial conversation to see if we are a right fit for each other.


As a solo-preneur who is committed to making a difference in the world, I have learned through experience that one of the highest forms of service I can offer is to take very good care of myself– to tune my instrument, so to speak, on a regular basis.  Britta is a gifted professional who has been an integral part of my support team for several years, and I am grateful all at once for her generosity of spirit and her commitment to her craft.

From a business and marketing perspective, Britta listens deeply and helps me explore strategies and actions that fit both my objectives and my style.  She brings a wealth of experience, and is both thoughtful and on-target with her guidance.  With Britta’s help I am able to more consistently show up bright & clear in my life and in my work, which means everything to me… and to my clients, too!  Britta is the antidote to the cookie-cutter, one size fits all business coach.

Through our work together we have resolved in a single session both physical pains and mental / emotional congestion that I would have otherwise spent days & weeks working through – a life saver in terms of reclaimed time, attention and precious life force.  I encourage you: if you are even a little curious about working with someone who can SEE you and help YOU succeed, talk with Britta and explore how she might assist you.  You, your unique expression, and indeed the world will be better for it!

After my last session with Britta I feel much stronger. I experience increased awareness and a deeper connection to my Self. I have been able to shift my point of view in several areas of my life, both professional and personal with Britta’s support. Due to my sessions with her I feel much more open and spacious; there have been tremendous changes on the inside, which made it possible for me to make changes and decisions in my life that I couldn’t have perceived before. It’s been so much easier to maintain clarity and staying in the positive. I’m deeply grateful for all the support Britta has given me to grow stronger and experience increased inner peace.