David Kitts, L.Ac.

Phone: 415-269-0885
Email: david@davidkitts.com
Website: www.davidkitts.com
Info: CI Practitioner since 2000, working remotely by phone, Skype and Facetime
Seeing clients at 45 San Clemente, suite D130, Corte Madera CA, and at Community Wellness Center, 751 Center Ave, Fairfax, CA

I am a natural healer.  Yet I am not the source of my talent.  It comes through me, I get out of the way and partner with you to help you move through almost any challenge or trauma.  My gift is to help you uncover your gifts that seem to be hidden in your wounds.

As an acupuncturist by training, I have to be accurate applying my skill. Being an artist by nature, I am inspired to do my work through touch, movement, images and vibrations (sound, color, temperature etc).

I’m inspired by the Core Individuation idea that CORE awareness is not constrained by our circumstances.  I’m grateful for the primary gift of CI: that this CORE awareness can be applied without any agenda from the EDGE of our energy-body structure, creating a compassionate and truly safe container for healing.  By focusing attention/awareness together on what appears to be true about you, we can find the texture, temperature, and most importantly the accurate location of the energy pattern that is temporarily out of harmony with your true nature. Accuracy is key because it allows you to completely accept your condition exactly as it is. Listening to that energy pattern together with unconditional compassion gives your energy structure the option of seeing that the wound you have been experiencing contains a gift.  That gift is the perception that your true nature was always there holding you, accepting even your pain.  When you accept that in this sense, nothing was wrong about your wound, then together we can feel the old energy pattern change and move out of your structure from the locations it was held.  Then your gifts can flower in your life because they are not constrained by your resistance to pain.

If it is right for you to work with me, you will be drawn to me somehow.  If you are, I look forward to the dance we will create together as we uncover and nourish your magnificent divine nature!