Michael Margolis

Phone: 855.GO.STORY ext 3 (Office), 212.363.0992 (Mobile)
Email: michael@getstoried.com
Website: www.getstoried.com
Info: Seeing clients in Novato, CA, 35 min north of San Francisco
Working remote by phone or Skype, will provide a recording on request

I am a teacher, healer, author, speaker, and trusted advisor. My typical CI clients are best-selling authors, successful entrepreneurs, and organizational leaders who carry a platform of influence. You have a big vision, message, and purpose. Yet your path comes with challenges that require unique personal growth. Few people really get or understand your world. Through Core Individuation, we can accelerate your developmental process; deepen voice and presence; and address your obstacles to a more balanced and sustaining life.

For the last 12 years, I have advised leaders from many of the world’s leading institutions on how to humanize their message and tell a bigger story. Concurrently, I have been a client and student of Core Individuation – serving as the foundation for my own growth and emergence, including recovery from chronic illness (chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, hormone imbalance, and lyme disease). It’s with great honor and privilege that I now share this empowering and life changing modality with you. My sessions are characterized by fierce compassion, an abiding heart, and the possibility of transformation that sticks. Email me if you’d like to schedule a session, I usually book 2-3 weeks out in advance.

Michael has so much care, compassion, and sensitivity that just spending an hour in his presence can be very healing. Combining Michael’s natural abilities with this very powerful modality makes for a transformative experience! CI provides this framework and is truly a unique exploration into one’s self. I’m not sure how it works….but it does. Check it out, remain open-minded, and allow yourself to feel the difference this work can make!