Quiana Grace Frost

Phone: 707 318-8824
Email: iliveingrace@yahoo.com
Info: CI Practitioner since 2017
Working both:
In Person, seeing clients in Sebastopol, CA, USA
Remotely by Phone and Skype


It is my soul’s calling to support people so they may fulfill their soul’s purpose here. If you are dedicated to serving the greater good and are sincerely ready to restore your energy so you can make your contribution without compromise or sacrifice, I am here in support of your evolution and true success.


Core Individuation (CI) supports individuals to clear obstacles and challenges with stunning ease and grace. With elegance and efficiency, the energetic basis behind patterns of imbalance can be readily detected and shifted. People leave their sessions feeling lighter and more expansive. They report feeling a renewed sense of hope, greater peace, ease and enhanced well-being. They feel restored to a new frequency and nourished on all levels of their being.

With over 37 years as a professional in the transformational healing arts, working as a healer, mentor and workshop leader, CI has given me an exquisite tool with which I can support my clients to experience graceful relief from distress and readily open to the light of who they truly are. What a gift!


I warmly invite you to contact me for an initial conversation to see if our working together is right for us.

Quiana you are gifted at holding the matrix in which transformation occurs. There’s a place where we are all connected and the true voice of our soul arises and you presence that for me.
Thank you.

Quiana Grace Frost is brilliant in her ability to create a powerful and safe healing container, so that the most vulnerable parts of the self can be revealed and transformed to their full potential. Her assessment skill is profoundly efficient and comprehensive, allowing for swift and graceful results within each session. Quiana helped me crack the code on a lifetime issue that has brought incredible relief to my body, mind and heart. The first session she told me to allow a miracle, and I got one in no time at all. Treat yourself to this gifted healer!

Thank you so much for your generous support. Helping me to really come back to love again. Also for just the beautiful level of awareness as well as compassionate humanity you have. It is such a profound gift of healing. You’ve been like a guardian angel for me when I most needed it.

Quiana Grace Frost, you are a gem! I’m so grateful for our time together. You are a brilliant facilitator, focusing on the positive, expanding me into the light. I feel inspired as we tone and stretch our body, mind and spirit. Plus you have rhythmic and gentle transitions allowing your influence to resonate for profound shifts. You do profound work! I feel so honored and so seen. Your wisdom is such a gift. Thank you!