Spiritual Awakening Series


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March 23 – April 27 – May 18

2017- Your Sacred Self Care Spiritual Awakening Series—

           Join internationally recognized spiritual healer and subtle anatomy pioneer

Reverend Desda Zuckerman,

          Take an initiatory journey into the mysteries of your own subtle body!

Based on Your Sacred Anatomy: An Owner’s Guide to the Human Energy Structure

The series is held at Unity in Marin, 600 Palm Drive, Hamilton Center, Novato CA 94949

Reclaiming the Soul: Releasing Life Patterns

A 3-Evening Group Series – over a 3-month period – All are welcome!

  • ✪ January 26th — Emotional Clutch
  • ✪ February 23rd — Cognitive Lack
  • ✪ March 23rd – Etheric Disinterest
  • ✪ April 27th — Wall of Defense
  • ✪ May 18th — Obscuration

Empower your life through the Subtle Anatomy–

Letting spiritual holding go DOES NOT require re-traumatizing! It can even be fun while you thrive and grow!

Q- How do we shift a profound life pattern in just a few hours?
A- CoreIndividuation techniques help us bring a fundamental self-concept into the light and name the underlying emotions with no drama or trauma. Using tested self-inquiry to explore from the point of view of subtle anatomy we move quickly and only touch on emotional triggers and faded memories.  What we have found is that lasting change can be accomplished in just a few hours and that a real release without re-traumatization, is not only possible but that even the most stubborn of defining beliefs are revealed simply as shifting sand that uncover the authentic nature.

Open your heart — Awaken your mind
Soothe your body — Broaden your spirit
Release your patterns without RETRAUMATIZATION!

No matter what you do are you still held back by Life Patterns?
• Do you run your life with patterns based in decisions made before age 7?
• Do infantile perceptions act as the cornerstones of your life?
• Are you trapped in reactive actions running like a skipping CD?
• Are you locked into behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes from an earlier less conscious version
of who you are?
• Would you like to let these patterns go with no drama or re- traumatization?

About the Series:

In each group session we will meet to address and release a primary pattern held and directed by a strata in the Layers System of the subtle anatomy.  We focus on three different layers in each sequence of series. Come in at any point in the class. Even doing one class will be helpful and you don’t need to have done any pre-requisite CI work to benefit.  Scroll down to learn more about the content of each date in this series.

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In this series we will focus on the following three layers: 

January 26th – Emotional Layer: Emotional Clutch

Does this sound familiar? You know what it is, it’s always there lurking around distracting you… upsetting you. You have done a ton of work on a deep emotional wound and let go of that trauma a million times. You’ve pounded pillows and gone through an entire box of Kleenex only to find temporary relief from your pain. But still somehow, that darned issue is still clinging to you like white cat hair to black pants returning again and again to haunt your life like a re-traumatizing ghost from the past. If you are done with this pattern and ready to let it go, you are ready to release your emotional clutch.

February 23rd  – Cognitive Layer:  Cognitive Lack

Our environment influences us in a thousand ways a second and in the lush land of childhood it is even more impactful. Adults have filters that instantly discard the beliefs of others we have learned to be unworkable and useless. But children don’t know yet that grandpa is a manipulative SOB or that mama is an alcoholic and doesn’t really mean what she says when she drinks. We believe in what they say and take it into the heart, into the biology and into the clay that shapes the personality.

Little ones learn quickly but it takes awhile to grasp the complex duplicities of love and hate, fear and affection, rejection and need that play out in early years and mold the personality with beliefs about who we are to those that love us. Each little hurt; scalding rage, and punishing action go into the fertile soil of the cognitive layer and create a deeply held self-concept. Some work well; some do not. If you are holding an early belief about yourself and creating a life pattern that is useless and yet you cannot get rid of it, cannot function without it- this is the night for you. Let go of Cognitive Lack, negative and destructive beliefs about yourself and experience more room to actually be who you really are!

March 23rd – Etheric Layer: Etheric Disinterest

Our entire history is written into our DNA, the story of our evolution and the difficulty of the ancestral journey show in the fabric of our organs and even the type of blood we have coursing through our veins. Is it so surprising there would be a spiritual, subtle energy location analogous to the physical material self?

The personal quest from the beginning of time that your soul has undergone, struggling and yearning to be fulfilled, to live the soul’s purpose, to bring it into the world as a viable and useful contribution is all there in the etheric layer. When we ignore our own history, pretend that things that happened, didn’t- we run the risk of experiencing etheric disinterest. This is a life pattern that insidiously undermines the value of your own life experience and convinces you that: it doesn’t matter anyway.

Letting go of that is huge. Living without the capacity to learn from your own experience, your mistakes, and even the good that happened in childhood is limiting yourself to a small view of who and what you are. Most of us live in a sort of fugue state trying to stop replaying events from the past and being overwhelmed by them time and again. But what if those events were the key to unlocking a vast historical treasure trove of wisdom and knowledge buried beneath the surface you rarely if ever scratch? Etheric disinterest is a life pattern that holds the untold story, the mystery as to why you do what you do that keeps you from being happy and living the life you know in your heart you were meant to live.



We all have patterns. Conscious participatory ones like: coffee first thing in the morning or brushing your teeth before bed. Then there are the unconscious involuntary ones like: hogging the covers, scrunching your mouth up when you’re thinking or biting your fingernails. These are the little patterns we can live with- we get used to accommodating our foibles and peccadillos. Most of the time they don’t affect our deeper choices and usually don’t have much impact on other people unless of course they are the one waking up in the middle of the night with no blankets.

We do things to bring unconscious actions to consciousness. We might tuck in the covers tightly or put something unpleasant on our fingernails in an attempt to re-train a spontaneous or nervous response. But what about the big patterns like: consistently disempowering your own choices or returning time and time again to the same kind of boyfriend who vaguely resembles your father? You’ve probably spent big bucks and tons of time “working on yourself” attempting to let go of the persistent patterns that have kept you prisoner for most of your life.  You’ve thought about them until you’re blue in the face, talked about them until you’re bored, pounded pillows, sobbed big tears – hoped the pattern was over and done and pushed the remnants out of the way.

You’re good for a while.  But has there been a lasting and complete change of direction? Has your life really shifted and moved away from that sticky pattern that has come to define your experience? Maybe? Sometimes? Never? Most likely the shift was temporary at best and turning over a new leaf eluded even your most fervent efforts. That’s the case for most people even those who have done tons of personal work.

Because ultimately, deep patterns put in place before age seven, which is most of the biggies, are ingrained in the fabric of your soul. They are primordial and require a kind of release that is not exclusively psychological, physical, or emotional in nature. Over the years, dealing with Life Patterns and their placement in the subtle anatomy I’ve developed some incredible techniques for actually letting things go once and for all… FINALLY!

This is the perfect class for you if you have worked on something and yet still feel unfinished. If despite your sincere efforts to address your habitual pattern you don’t seem to make a dent! If your life patterns have you locked into behaviors, beliefs and attitudes that represent an earlier and less conscious version of who you are and you like to let these patterns go with no drama this is your opportunity. Enroll now, as participation will be limited.

This series partially fulfills Advanced Study Healing Session Requirements for some CI Courses

(counts for 3 healing sessions toward: CI Medicine Bag, Level I and Level II Practitioner Training)

NOTE- These sessions are not a substitute for psychological counseling or medical treatment for serious mental, emotional or physical conditions.  The Series is not appropriate for a person in an active disease process.

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