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The Earthwork Series
The Sacred Anatomy of the Planet Earth

Five modules over four months
with SAEM Founder, Desda Zuckerman

Discover the Subtle Energetic Systems of our Home Planet

Learn to Work With Them

Enroll until June 25

The First Class is Free

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The Sacred Anatomy of the Planet Earth


Energetic Hygiene
Self Care for the Sensitive Soul

Six Week Class
Wednesdays 12:00 Noon to 2:00 PDT
June 23 to July 28
Early Bird Discount till June 11

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Free Class:
Wednesday June 9 at 12:00 Noon PDT

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The Essential Practice

The Sacred Anatomy Edge

A Six Week Online Transformational Course with
SAEM Founder, Desda Zuckerman

Learn to use the Massive Energy Structure
that extends far beyond your physical body

You are more than you think –
Live as a co-creator with Divine Source

Next Series Begins July 22
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The Sacred Anatomy Secret – Your Powerful Energy Boundary

Coming soon!  July 8

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Learn more about our
most popular programs:

Learn more about our most popular programs:

Revealing the 4 Aspects
of the Authentic Self

The Essential Practice
The Sacred Anatomy Edge


Next class begins 7/22

Spiritual Health
& Wellness 2020

Sacred Anatomy

Bridge Activation Series

Love, Lineage & Legacy

Healing your Ancestral Line

A Conscious

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online learning library


Community gathering and guided meditation with Rev. Desda Zuckerman
All free, everyone is invited, please share!
Video & Audio Recordings of the May Sangha Garden are online now

Click here to see the June Sangha and to Register

We’re taking a summer break
Sanghas will return monthly beginning
September 26 at 10:00 AM PST

The Sacred Anatomy Hot Rod

The World’s Finest Dowsing Rod

  • The finest dowsing rod available in the world today
  • Machined to extremely high tolerances
  • Exceptionally light-weight (aluminum and titanium)
  • Experience a new dimension in sensitivity
  • Only available from Sacred Anatomy Mercantile

We have already gone through a few iterations this year, and we now have a small batch of our new design. “It’s smaller, lighter, built to higher specifications, and is a tool that will match your sensitivity and up you one. It’s the instrument that teaches you to become a better player.”

We’re calling this design the “Hot Rod” ! The barrel is anodized aluminum and the rod is titanium. The fittings on the barrel are fluted so that it rests gently in your hand. It’s incredibly light and frictionless, and responds effortlessly.

Sacred Anatomy Mercantile

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Face Mask

Immunitree Poster

Divine Tote

Storytellers Sweatshirt

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