A Historical Note:

For many years, the healing modality we now know as Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine was called CoreIndividuation.  The name reflects the origins of the Human Energy Structure, where the Divine at the Core individuates to create the human soul, while always longing to return to the source.  This is a beautiful concept as described below, but not always easy to explain or to understand.  As a shortcut, we came to refer to the work as “CI”.  The content below has not been updated to refer to the work by it’s new name or initials, as we have in the rest of the website.

Enjoy your metaphysical introduction to CoreIndividuation!

CoreIndividuation is a new paradigm for transformational change based on the subtle energies of the Human Structure. These energies create an expanded anatomy that opens up the idea of who and what we are to include both the physical and the subtle into One Body.  At the very center of the Structure is a vertical pillar of light called the Core. For each of us a unique and beautiful oval shaped Structure manifests continually out of the energies of the Core. We are both the Core and the Individuation, both subtle and physical expressions.

“ I’ve had many CoreIndividuation healing sessions. They have all been powerful, and I leave feeling more whole. But there is one session that stands out. As a result of that session I completely changed the way that I related to my father. I was much more accepting, understanding and appreciative of who he was and as a result became more of a man myself, in a much more profound way. It was healing that transcended time and space as it also felt like I was healing and releasing for generations of the male lineage of my family.”- M.S.

Naming a New Work

CoreIndividuation was named to honor this developmental action of the human Structure, as it continues to be born into a fully individuated expression. When compromised the Structure yearns to be whole, to return home to a balanced state of health and vitality. This new style of subtle-body healing uses focused intention to interact with the anatomy of the human energetic Structure gently urging it towards authentic wholeness. In partnership with the client, the practitioner intervenes with existing disorder, pathology and waste. Sessions support authentic structural realignment, the release of blockages and resolution of old traumas as well as clearing of excess debris and resolving destructive holding patterns.

By understanding exactly where in the Structure a wound or imbalance is located, the CoreIndividation Practitioner is shown how to work with the client. Specific issues can be moved from a stagnant damaged state into an active creative state releasing innate human wisdom with each shift as the Structure stabilizes. Working consciously with expanded human potential in this way awakens the deep wisdom of the One Body setting free it’s own natural order and wellness.

“Poised at the moment of shift, the CoreIndividuation practitioner supports the whole being to accept a greater potentiality and to expand who and what they are in a fundamental way.” – Desda Zuckerman

History of CoreIndividuation

“This work has profoundly touched my life and my experience of life around me. I cannot fit into my old self any more, happily so. I feel ready to explore this new embodied existence and am so very grateful for the teaching and the teacher who opened the doors.” -R.W.

It Came From Nothingness

Creating a healing modality and discovering a philosophy of authentic expression for healing was the farthest thing from her mind in 1989 when Desda Zuckerman began to empty out her psychological self. A daily meditation practice took a fascinating new form of walking through a mandala to a sacred garden, her contemplative time in the garden expanded and she planted sorrows in that mystical soil. She read, studied philosophical texts and wrote page after page filling binder after binder about childhood adventures, traumas and angst. For two intensive years Desda went into therapy with a humor filled Zen gnome. During that deep work she scribbled the stories she had never told a soul and the pain that had defined her life. It took until 1997 when she declared herself finished and realized how empty she felt. There was nothing left to say when a profound awakening occurred.

“I sat back in my chair at my desk and experienced profound spacious nothingness. It lasted for as long as it lasted. It might have been only a few seconds or it might have been forever. It was not frightening; it was not exciting, it was nothing. Big, open, empty nothingness and I knew the Universe had just issued my diploma.”
– Desda Zuckerman

Breaking Free

Desda was ready for her life work but she still didn’t know exactly what it would be. She thought maybe she should learn Feng Shui or use her abundant psychic gifts and do readings like she had from the late 1960s to the mid 1980’s but she reports she really had no clue of what was in store.  She wanted to used her natural abilities and so began a wild chase that lead her through the worlds of Feng Shui, Dowsing, Space Clearing and Earthwork before finally arriving home in healing. Desda still loves working with the great Mother Earth and prefers to live and travel in Clear Spaces, but it is clear to all that her particular gift lies at the intersection of Spirit and Body, the poetic realm of transformational shift, wellness and healing.

“The moment I settled on it,  the energetic frequency  broke free from within me. I became larger, more substantial; pregnant with remembered wisdom and so I gave birth to my work.”    Desda Zuckerman 

Search and Study

For over forty years Desda Zuckerman worked to comprehend what she saw swirling in a riot of color around all living things. Using her clairvoyant sight she discovered that what she observed around people was larger, more distinct and different than what others had recorded before her. Desda painstakingly researched what appeared as large and organized energetic Structures.

Listening to her inner knowingness she began recording and testing differences and similarities one person at a time. She drew and painted pictures to clarify her understanding of the vibrant formations. Prayer and meditation brought insights. Study of sacred texts brought distinctions. Contemplation delivered by way of epiphanies, visions and dreams, the clarity and evolution of a way to dissect and map the Structure.

Being with the Energies

“I have learned how to be comfortable being with the energies of the unseen world.  I see, sense and hear them like you see your own face in the mirror, feel a cool summer breeze or hear the roar of a waterfall. What I know is that making friends with the energies around us sometimes requires an introduction. So, introducing others to energy and interacting with it for the good of all is the foundation of what I do.” Desda Zuckerman

Desda uncovered and honed new ways to interact or to be with these energies. Over time her personal work resulted in the development of a new and groundbreaking approach to what could be called the One Body. Her incredible research revealed a complex and sophisticated anatomy of the human Structure.   Both the subtle and the material combine into a single organized whole; the physical body being only one part of the anatomy of this larger elegant Structure.

Based on these inspired findings a decidedly new healing and personal transformation modality grounded in the anatomy of the Structure was born. Her completely original work opens new doors to wellness and brings fresh ideas about who and what we fundamentally are as human beings.


In 1997 Ms. Zuckerman began to teach apprentices and she continued doing this until 2010. Her first apprentice was Nancy Sullivan of Olympia, Washington. But she marks the beginning of the apprentice program with the first apprentice class that included David Kitts and Barbara Musser. They met weekly at her offices and home for four years. Desda credits her early students and their questions with forming the shape of her teaching style.

Now her apprentices have become Practitioners and are themselves teaching the skills of CoreIndividuation to their communities. Desda has studied the profound mysteries of the subtle anatomy and the universal energies that surround us everywhere. She has made it her life work to investigate their powerful impact on our lives.


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