CI Assistant Training

Assistant Training  with

Senior Practitioner Lorin Kaufman

New Date – TBD

10:00 am to 4:00 PM, Point Reyes Station, California

Open to those who have completed Illuminated Body and Energetic Hygiene.

Yes, we are expanding!  We now have eight CI Practitioners who have completed their CI Teacher Training, and each of them will be leading Illuminated Body classes in 2018.  In addition we have Energetic Hygiene and CI Medicine Bag coming up, we need our assistants more than ever!

Holding space for transformation is a more descriptive title for this workshop. Assisting for CI Trainings is far more than passing out papers and putting out snacks. Through this training and assisting, you will expand your capacity for witnessing and holding space.  All of the work you’ve done in Illuminated Body and Energetic Hygiene will be deepened, and you will be able to share it in service to others.

This training is the gateway onto the path of becoming a CI Illuminated Body teacher. The class is designed for participants to learn and practice Core Competencies, know how to navigate the passage from being a student to being a team member, and to create a strong container to hold and witness students as they evolve and transform.

  • Prerequisites:
    • Illuminated Body
    • Energetic Hygiene
    • Minimum of 5 CI sessions
  • Assistants may support any training they have completed

The result is an ever deeper foundation for the CI classes and teachings to flourish as CI expands more and more into the world. The presence of trained and experienced Assistants has greatly enhanced the quality of all we have done.


Registration is not open at this time

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Our most recent Assistant Training Was March 11, 2017!

Lead by Senior Practitioner Lorin Kaufman, 13 students were certified in the CI approach for assisting workshops, which could also be described as holding space for transformation.

Congratulations and Thank You to last year’s Assistants!


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