Beyond Your Energy Body


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I’ve been wanting to translate my teachings to an online platform for years, and partnering with Shift has made my dream come true.  Now I have a full staff dedicated to making sure that my work is presented with the same force and transmission as it is in live presentations.

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My Posse at our first class


Beyond Your Energy Body

Open to the 4 Dynamic Aspects of Your Sacred Anatomy

A Seven Week Course


Dear Friends,

Accepting just the possibility that maybe your life could be different and that change could occur for you is a critical ingredient for shift.  Allowing into your conscious mind for a single heartbeat the thought of what might happen if only the possibility for change existed is an irrevocable step, a commitment to who you want to become.  When you do this, you make the space within you for the miracle to occur.

 If we can suspend our disappointment, fear, and sadness for just a moment, life can change. That’s when stepping out of the way- or even just to the side- allows your real potential a place to shine! This is thrilling and enlivening.

Seeing the potential in others shift from disbelief and discouragement to empowered engagement- now that’s really something! That’s why I teach. I love that golden moment. This is my calling, my life passion, and I want to share with you.

When the wide vista and expanded awareness of who you really are emerges, it is like the sun rising over the Rockies: magnificent. We are magical creatures for sure, but embracing the changes that conscious awakened awareness brings in your own life- now that is the true test. Here is the opportunity to prove this to yourself- but you have to step up and seize it as I have witnessed others do for so many years.

When I designed this class, Beyond Your Energy Body- Open to The Four Dynamic Aspects of Your Sacred Anatomy I leaped as far out onto the ledge of potential as I could. I thought about what we humans really need to seize hold of our selves, our potential, and our world.

I looked at the Sacred Anatomy I’ve been mapping and dreaming about for at least 45 years and saw the Four Aspects of the Authentic Self. In our common vernacular, this is the higher self – except it has four different sides, like the American Indian Medicine Wheel, like the four directions, like the four winds- we have four different approaches to the inner authentic nature. Physical, Emotional, Psychological, and Spiritual Aspects coordinate together to support your life, your soul’s fulfillment, and purpose. AND they have a location in the subtle structure, a way they do this; a how it happens.

I have spent my life mapping the inner beauty of who and what you are- unique, special, unlike anyone else- you are blessed and exquisitely created by particle and wave, sound and fury, laughter and tears.

Please come join me in this deep exploration into inner space. Where I know that joy and freedom reside and you are lifted up on the wings of angels.

You will get:

  • Sexual Satisfaction
  • Inner Peace
  • Enlightenment

OK- maybe not quite… but you will experience:

  • An opening into your deep nature-
  • A location in your Sacred Anatomy where your authentic nature resides-
  • A way to speak with and resolve life conflicts by using your highest and best self to lead the way-
  • Different ways to approach your issues, problems, and struggles and as you do, awakening your inner sleeping giant of personal potential-
  • Inspired connection to the inner guidance you have always dreamed of, looked for, desired and struggled to find-
  • An experience that is unlike anything you have had before, an opening to your Sacred Anatomy and a relationship that is utterly personal –4 new aligned and wise friends.
  • Fun! Fun! Fun! Where are the rules written that transformation has to be so serious? I don’t think it has to be and have found over my years of experience that it isn’t!!

Please join me on a journey into your heartland where hope smiles and belief is unnecessary. Meet the Four Aspects of Your Sacred Anatomy- awaken to your potential and your power and discover the four best friends you have always had!

Love, light, and buttered popcorn!

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