CI Palooza 2017!

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Wisdom, Wit and Wonder

Angels of CoreIndividuation

CI Palooza 2017

A Gathering of the Tribe!

When:  July 27, 28, 29 & 30
Times:  Thursday 1:00 to 9:00 pm, Friday and Saturday, 9:00 am – 9:00 pm, Sunday 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Where:  Sophia’s Garden, 4038 Green Valley School Road, Sebastopol, CA 95472
Who:  Open to all CI Med Bag Carriers and Practitioners (and) for the first time, those who have completed Nine Levels or 13 Gateways in 2015 or 2016
Meals:  Dinner on Thursday, Lunch and Dinner included Friday and Saturday, Brunch on Sunday
Register at the bottom of this page!

Click here to see or download the complete daily schedule…

Can’t make all four days???

YES! – you can register for only one or two days it that’s what your schedule will allow.
We now that we have the daily schedule online, take a look to see which days you’d prefer.
If that’s your plan, please email Bob with your dates –

Email –

And…  We will have camping onsite, and a woman’s “dorm” in the sanctuary.
Contact us for details….

 What is a CI Palooza???

Every few years we gather together to build community and explore the new and exciting ways that the boundaries of CI are expanding.  There will be presentations by various practitioners, panel discussions, new anatomy and procedures taught by Desda, business building workshops, meditations and dharma talks.  Watch this page (and your email) for daily schedules and announcements.

For the first time since 2012 we are gathering the CI Tribe together for the CoreIndividuation festive and informative celebration of our unique and ever expanding healing art! Attendance always covers On-Going Education requirements for all Level Practitioners and Med Bag Carriers.

For nine years from 2003 until 2012 we regularly gathered our tiny group of practitioners together every couple of years and held a conference which, over time, lovingly became known as: CI Palooza.

It was a chance for us to share insights into the work, present new developments in anatomy and skills and to have fun together in community. I’ll never forget sharing Witnessing for the first time. It changed the face of the work and I remember the energy in that room like it was yesterday.

Please join us all this year for four days of amazing fun at the beautiful bio dynamic Sophia’s Garden in Sebastopol, CA!

Check it out:

  • Hear about NEW ANATOMY and learn what to DO WITH IT! Desda has some brand new pieces for you to add to your treatment book.
  • PLUS as promised to our newest Practitioner class, the long awaited: the Speedy Astral Release!
  • Extra Special for Med Bag Carriers: Meeting Your Guides- a new surgical support technique for insight and guidance.
    • Quiana Grace Frost, CCIP: Connectivity, Bringing It Home, Your Unique Gift
    • Holly Woods, CIMBC: CoreIndividuation and Your Soul’s Purpose: Inviting in Your Expanded Self
    • Michael Margolis CCIP: The Healer’s Harmonic: How to Grow Your Practice and Get Paid More for Who You Truly Are
    • Lorin Kaufman, Senior CCIP: The Ritual: Activating the 13 Chakras, The Art of the Subtle
    • Regina Schulman, Senior CCIP and Kate Zehnter, CCIP:  Holistic Approach to Supporting Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease:  A Sacred Anatomy-Based Case Study©
    • David Kitts, Senior CCIP: Fundamental Distortion: Shadow & the Evolution of the Soul’s Purpose in Physical Form
    • Jeannie McKenzie, CCIP: Sacred Anatomy Chi Gung
    • Desda Zuckerman, Master CCIP:  Dedication, Meditation on the Angels of Contentment, New Anatomy Procedures and Techniques, Catching up on Anatomy and Procedures, Going Deeper:  4 Aspects and Elemental Balancing:  On the wings of Angels, Closing Benediction
  • Bonding with YOUR CI TRIBE- Dance, Laugh, Sing & Yak
  • Special Performance of Smoke House- Kick up your heels with Bobby Z’s brand new funky band, specializing in New Orleans R&B and Funk!
  • Banquet and Keynote – The Future is Ours – the founder, Desda’s Alpha vision for where we are and where we are going.
  • The Friday Night Festival of Hams: 2 hours of poetry, song, music, and laughter featuring YOU!
  • Plenty of time for Owning Your Genius: The Sharing Corner where all Practitioners and MB Carriers are invited to share Fascinating Case Studies and New Ideas for new uses of old pieces, Treatment Insights into issues and imbalances and kicking around Deep CI Thoughts in general- Come One Come All!
  • Ending with a Sunday morning CI Community Healing Circle around the beautiful Sophia’s Garden Sun Circle and Insight.
  • Cost includes Lunches and Dinners by the nutritiously gifted and amazing Isa Jacoby

The daily schedule is available by clicking here…

Four days of wisdom, laughter and bliss in the warm California sun!

Can’t be there for the entire Palooza?  Read on…

If you can only attend one or two of the first three days, please contact us to reserve your space.
All questions answered, no issue to great or too small!

You’ve Got Questions?  We’ve got answers!

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