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Next Class – June 29

This was our first Soul Alchemy class!  February 9 in Petaluma

   If you would like to:

  Create greater intimacy in your life
  Maintain your energy and effectiveness throughout the day
  Distinguish between your issues and others
  Give without being exhausted
  Love without agenda
  Ground yourself into your own huge energy structure

    Then Join us on June 29!


The “Edge Practice” is a path of practical spirituality which is valuable in all that we do.  Parents and kids, salesperson and customer, teacher and student, consultant and client – if you are a person in relationship with others, this skill is for you!  I consider this to be part of our birthright as humans, to walk tall in the world knowing that we are more than a physical manifestation and can engage in a quantum manner with all. (read more about the Illuminated Body training here)

For 20 years I’ve been teaching people to work from the edge of their subtle anatomy.  This is the “skin” which defines the edge of our structure, 20 feet from our physical body in all directions.  The results have been and continue to be phenomenal.  Yes!  You can learn to keep your energy from diffusing and enmeshing with others, and at the same time create a capacity for intimacy and compassion. What could be better???

Traditionally, we have included a second day of instruction where healing practitioners work to integrate this new skill into their own personal practice.  Over the years, so many others have taken and benefited from this work, that we’ve decided to create a separate track for your own personal evolutionary development.  And, it’s all happening in one day!  Along with the online courses I’ll continue to offer through the Shift Network and others, we will be extending our reach, bringing the essential gifts of this sacred work to so many others.  This world needs more clarity and compassion!

And – we will debut our new one-day Energetic Hygiene class on June 30!

– Please join me at Soul Alchemy & Energetic Hygiene

  • June 29 & 30 in Novato

Class is from 10:00 to 4:00 each day with an hour break for lunch.

Registration will be open soon!

When you attend Soul Alchemy or the Illuminated Body training, you are eligible to attend Energetic Hygiene

See you soon!




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