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We like to leave events up online after they’ve completed so that you can see where we’ve been.  Only problem is, that the menu gets way too crowded!  For historical purposes, here are some of our workshops and events gone but not forgotten!  Click on the links to go to their respective pages.

FYI – For many years, the healing modality we now know as Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine was called CoreIndividuation.  The name reflects the origins of the Human Energy Structure, where the Divine at the Core individuates to create the human soul, while always longing to return to the source.  This is a beautiful concept as here – but not always easy to explain or to understand.  As a shortcut, we came to refer to the work as “CI”.

The content in the archived pages below has not been updated to refer to the work by its new name or initials, as we have in the rest of the website.

The Nine Levels of Sensing

The original six day transformational retreat.  We travel the layers to sense from each of these locations in our energy structure.  Physical sensing – sight, sound, touch – represent only the sensing capacity of our ‘bio-layer’.  This is an adventure into using our subtle anatomy to touch and experience the world.

CI Palooza

Gathering of the tribes – all CI Med Bag Carriers and Practitioners are invited.  Fun, music and dancing, community and continuing education.  We expect another in 2020.

13 Gateways to the Soul

One of the big ones.  Six days in the coastal redwoods, learning to speak and hear the language of the 13 chakras.  Each shares it’s own divine wisdom as it travels the pathway to your core and informs your soul’s purpose.  Deep wisdom and healing.


Live workshops or online?  This was a hybrid.  Desda partnered with renowned artist and teacher of Intentional Creativity Shiloh Sophia to support participants to paint out their Sacred Anatomy truth and heal blockages to a more fulfilled life.

Dowsing Clinic

No one becomes an expert overnight.  Students get their special CI Dowsing Rod in Energetic Hygiene, and their skill grows as they continue to dowse throughout their CI studies, or in their own personal use.  Here to help!

Practitioner Support

We all need support, and after a six month training in a new modality, there are questions that require answers.  We do our best to keep in touch and provide support for students doing their part in embodying this work in their world.

CI Assistant Training

We have discontinued the assistant training for now.  It was a beautiful and deep study of how to be transparent in your support, holding space for others to experience transformational work, while witnessing with no agenda, compassion without enmeshment.  These are all the qualities we see as foundational and which are taught in Illuminated Body and Energetic Hygiene.

Intention 2018

There’s never a better time to set intention than the beginning of the new year.  Desda has lead these fabulous intention setting community workshops for the last six years.  Release the old, make room for the new.  When we add the subtle anatomy to this picture we can identify places in our structure which can ease the transition, the energetic side of release and accept.

Fire Recovery

The devastating fires we experienced in the North Bay impacted everyone.  We all know people who lost everything, and we all watched with horror as the flames consumed our beautiful hills, fields and homes.  Just breathing the air was a moment by moment reminder of the impermanence of everything we hold to be real.  CI Practitioners organized a gathering for the healers in the community, to support those who were providing support for the community.

Space Clearing

Space clearing the CI way.  We can all sense something about a room or a home when we enter it, and we have ways to interact and clear.  Sensing from the edge and working hygienically with energy allows us to clear space in a way that allows us to expand and express at our highest, without taking on the negativity.

Spiritual Awakening Series

Life patterns – we all have them.  They reside in the layer system.  Desda held these workshops once a month for a few years.  By identifying and then locating the life pattern in our subtle structure, we have an energetic way to resolve stubborn and long-standing patterns.  The best news is, letting spiritual holding go DOES NOT require re-traumatizing! It can even be fun while you thrive and grow!

There may have been more, but that’s a really great review of where we’ve been over the last few years, and yes – It really did clean up our workshop menu!  We know that it’s not possible to welcome our friends from across the country and around the world to our home in Northern California for everything we do.  That’s why we’re working to bring Desda’s work to a larger audience through the internet.

Through The Shift Network and our own efforts, we hope to bring the transformational character of this work to you wherever you are.


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