Space Clearing II

Space Clearing II

Because of the fires, this class has been rescheduled

December Special: Class Fee: $250 Reduced to: $175!!

New Date and Time:

December 17, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Cosmic Cowgirls Gallery, 75 Fremont Dr
Sonoma, California 95476

Click Here for Directions to Cosmic Cowgirls

Bring a lunch and your dowsing rod

Space Clearing ll, 12/17/17


Look below for details – Space Clearing II

This Series continues to add to the energetic toolbox taught in the CoreIndividuation™ classes The Illuminated Body for Professional Healers and Energetic Hygiene for Healers. Energetic Hygiene is the pre-requisite.

 Space Clearing

Human being release energy all the time and over the weeks and years this energetic debris can become caught in curtains, walls, furniture… pretty much anywhere. In Space Clear we learn how to clear a space of the stuck or stagnant energy that lingers in any home, business or public space. Being able to clear your home and return it to your sanctuary after an argument or especially bad family dinner is not just comforting; it is practical. Increase your comfort, health, vitality and ownership of your home and your life with Desda’s Space Clearing techniques.

Space Holding 

One of the great honors in life is to be able to hold another during a difficult moment. But in point of fact most of us have the need to be held or to hold another everyday. Medical procedures and appointments, a job interview, a stressful conversation with a friend, a big birthday… so many times we need our supportive friends and family.

Learn how to hold space for others and to give of yourself as a support person without becoming depleted or overwhelmed. This skill is also really helpful for the teacher or leader who needs to hold space for others while they learn or work. This is a quintessential human skill and is another great addition to your CI Toolbox.

Space Clearing I and Space Holding were held earlier in 2017, and will be repeated in 2018

Space Clearing and Space Holding are offered free of charge to those who have completed the CI Assistant Training who are actively engaged in supporting CI Classes.

This is our way of saying Thank You for your support!


 Space Clearing II

This class is not part of the original offer to those who have completed the Assistant Training.  It is open to all who have completed Energetic Hygiene.  If you have not attended the first Space Clearing class, you may still sign up for this one.

Bring your dowsing rods!

Desda says:

I plan to teach “new things”– more than what I taught in the SC II last year,

That class was only a half day.  We may touch on some of those subjects and burnish the old chestnuts with some new thoughts, but there will be lots of new information.

If  you’ve always wanted to know more about Space Clearing come and soak up some amazing information about:

  • Balinese Space Clearing, 
  • How to Clear a Ghost Out of a House 
  • How to Clear a House Long Distance
  • Commercial Space- Clearing 
  • How CI Space Clearing is Different

There is so much to share it’s impossible for me to get it all into one class-

You can never know too much about this important life skill.  

Come and join the fun! Class size will be limited due to space so to register now and take advantage of this great opportunity


Refund Policy:
For all deposits and pre-payments: all funds will be refunded up to 1 week before the class except for a $50 administrative fee.
Paypal fees cannot be refunded after 60 days from the date of payment

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Click Here for Directions to Cosmic Cowgirls

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