Dowsing Clinic


At this time there are no Dowsing Clinics scheduled in 2018

We will schedule additional Dowsing Clinics as needed

 2017 Clinics

Unity in Marin
600 Palm Drive, Hamilton Center, Novato CA 94949
7:00 – 9:30 PM
Tuesday nights:
June 6, September 5, November 28

$40 per class

Do you ever think about or wonder…….

For beginning dowsers:

  • Are my readings are accurate?
  • Why is this taking so long?
  • Why is this darn thing moving so slow?
  • Why is this darn thing moving so fast?
  • Why isn’t this darn thing moving at all?
  • Why can’t I do this?
  • I’m getting carpel tunnel!
  • I must be crazy!
  • What good is this?

For more advanced practitioner dowsers:

  • How do you know when your percentages and pulses are correct?
  • How can you be sure you can really count on your dowsing?
  • What about when you get a dowsed response that is different than what you ‘feel’?
  • Attuning yourself to your rod so you can use it as an extension of yourself
  • How can you become more exact in your dowsing?

We’re here to help!

It takes time to become an expert dowser, but you can have the assistance of a Master Dowser!

Come join Desda Zuckerman for a Dowsing Clinic

This clinic is open to all who have completed Energetic Hygiene for Healers

Bring your dowsing rod!



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