Edge 1907 Pt Reyes

The Edge Practice

Five Steps to Powerful Energetic Boundaries

An In-Depth, Two Day Course with

Colleen Lindstrom & Lorin Kaufman

Saturday & Sunday, July 27 & 28 in Point Reyes Station, CA

10:00 AM to 4:00 PM each day

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Learn how to apply the Sacred Anatomy Edge Practice in your life to prevent burnout, increase sensitivity without multiplying energetic vulnerability or toxicity and put an end to bad habits of losing boundaries and merging! This is the gold standard of how to live and work as an energetically awakened person.

Colleen Lindstrom, DC


Colleen is a gifted Network Chiropractor and Craniosacral Therapist who specializes in working with children.  Awarded as Marin Chiropractor of the Year for the past two years, Colleen is a certified CI Practitioner and Illuminated Body Instructor.

Colleen brings a rare combination of technical expertise and deep insight along with a fresh and unbridled enthusiasm for life and healing.  Her offices in Sausalito and Point Reyes display the sense of spaciousness and balance that she brings to her work.  Colleen is excited about sharing this profound work with you, and you are hereby invited to a magical experience!




Lorin Kaufman

Certified as a Dance Therapist Lorin worked in clinical mental health care settings until co-founding Alchemia, a creative arts program for differently abled adults, which she managed for 16 years. Her spiritual practice informed her life choices and by 2008 when Lorin certified as a practitioner she had integrated the principles of Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicne into her life. She is one of a very few Senior Practitioners, bringing the depth and wisdom from a lifetime of wide-ranging interactions with humanity into her healing mission. Lorin’s spirit soars when she teaches,  and she brings focused dedication to the celebration of the sacred with every word. Lorin takes a stand for what is possible when love and light are tangible tools in life and “being open to the possibility” is a defining belief.

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  • $425 first time students, $200 for repeating students
  • Repeating Students – bring a new student and attend free!
  • You are a repeating student if you have previously completed Illuminated Body, Soul Alchemy or the Edge Practice, and you may enroll at a discount price of $200
  • Note: Meals and Lodging not included

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