EEP+EEH 1910

The Essential Edge Practice &

Essential Energetic Hygiene

Take the Conscious Leap

October 26 & 27, 2019
Novato, CA

Evolutionary Transformation in Two Days!

A Path of Practical Spirituality

Based on an understanding of your Subtle Energy Structure


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$495 for the weekend
$249 for Essential Edge Practice on Saturday
$279 for the Essential Energetic Hygiene on Sunday
Discount for repeating students
The Edge Practice is a prerequisite for Energetic Hygiene



If you would like to:

  Establish meaningful energetic boundaries
  Maintain your energy and effectiveness throughout the day
  Distinguish between your issues and others
  Give without being exhausted
  Love without agenda
  Ground yourself into your own huge energy structure

Then Join us for the Essential Edge Practice!


If you would like to:

  • Identify and sever the unconscious connections that bind you to people, places and things
  • Stop absorbing the pain, & trauma of the people in your life
  • Call forth universal supporting energies for restoration & repair
  • Witness and integrate the moment of transformation
  • Seal electronics to reduce your exposure to EMF (electromagnetic frequencies)
  • Clear all 8 layers of the human energy structure

Then Join us for Essential Energetic Hygiene!

The Essential Edge Practice and Essential Energetic Hygiene are pre-requisites to the continuing study of Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine

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“Matter is nothing more than congealed light”

         Paramahansa Yogananda

Below:  Essential Edge Practice Training and Essential Energetic Hygiene – June 2019









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