CoreIndividuation™ Practitioners

CoreIndividuation™ Practitioners are trained to interact with the sacred anatomy. They learn to clear, align and work with various types of pathology to free the human energy structure of blockage and damage. At the core each human being is a spark of the Divine. For every person the potential for healing is a birthright. Practitioners work in partnership with the client from this perspective, embodying compassion, and reverence for the healing journey.

CI Medicine Bag Carriers

have completed two 3-day and night long trainings in CoreIndividuation™ that they use to augment the practice of their existing healing modality (e.g. nursing, shamanic healing, bodywork, Reiki, acupuncture, naturopathic medicine, etc). Amongst other things Med Bag Carriers are trained to work in a complementary manner to energetically support people through surgeries, with drug therapies and to strengthen tolerance to EMFs. All Practitioners have completed the Medicine Bag training.  Please refer to their individual profiles for details.
CI Medicine Bag Training
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Level I & II Practitioners

In 2014 Rev. Zuckerman began teaching Level I & II Practitioner Training. The goal was to get more practitioners into the world doing this amazing work and this has been successful with new classes graduating every year. These practitioners have completed an intensive 4-5 month training that includes 240 hours of reviewed practice and in-person training with Desda Zuckerman. The first group to complete the new training graduated in 2014. Many have a certification or license in a health or personal growth field, and many are now enrolled in the Pract III training. Please refer to their individual profiles for details.

CI Level I & II Practitioner Training
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Level IV Practitioners

From 1999- 2010 Desda took apprentices. Their training evolved over time into a 3 year Program. They are now called Level IV Practitioners. They have completed a 3-4 year Apprenticeship Program that included 1000 hours of reviewed practice an in-person training with Desda Zuckerman. There were five apprentice classes in eleven years. Some Level IV Practitioners have a pre-existing qualification or license in a health or personal growth field. Please refer to their individual profiles for details.

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The greatest distinction is between Medicine Bag Carriers and other Practitioners.  After Medicine Bag, Practitioners of all levels greatly expand their range of procedures, clearings, and adjustments, and engage with more of the Sacred Anatomy.

Although the Level IV practitioners studied over a greater length of time, the teaching has grown and the curve has accelerated.  Except for a handful designated by Desda as “Senior Practitioners,” it is hard to find much difference in the professional skill demonstrated by Practitioners of any level.  With the publication of Your Sacred Anatomy in 2012, all CI Practitioners are familiar with the anatomy that Desda had mapped out at the time of publication.

Each practitioner has their own unique gifts, and each has studied and trained with Desda.  Scheduling a CI session with any one of them will be a journey into your own deepest mystery.

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