CI Level I & II Practitioners

Nicole Crouch Diaz

Level II Practitioner

Phone: 617-435-1673
Info: Call or email for appointments
Working remotely by phone and Skype

I have been a Core Individuation Practitioner since completing my training in August 2014. I came to this work after my own journey of healing inspired an abiding interest to learn more about the arts of healing, self care and personal growth. As a practitioner my aim is to support my clients to step away from beliefs of brokenness, isolation and the patterns that limit our lives. To see the wholeness of who they are as beings and the possibilities of self-acceptance, love, compassion and unlimited potential we all carry. Through this work I have seen and experienced great healing and transformation from the constructs of "who we think we are" to the expression and divine grace of our human potential. I offer you the sum total of who I am, my skills as an intuitive, healer, earth worker and facilitator of sacred ceremony. My training and experience in CoreIndividuation, Red Tent ceremony facilitation, trauma & survivor support, medicinal herbal medicine, nutrition and body wellness, Himalayan Tantra, and Somatic Experience techniques, offer a unique blend to anyone seeking to build skills and improve their ability to function, experience and live a more vibrant, full life.

My practice, Healing with wholeness, focuses on addressing:
Feelings of separateness & isolation, anxiety and stress patterns, accident recovery, feelings of shame, jealousy, not belonging & loneliness, desire to have a deeper relationship with self, lack of boundaries & codependency in relationships, underlying issues of disease & illness, signatures of trauma & residual trauma patterns held in the body, learning greater embodiment, feeling stuck/stagnant in life, symptoms of abuse, trauma, & low self-esteem, depression & emotional numbness, and rebuilding internal support & replenishment.

I also offer:
Energetic support for surgeries and other medical procedures
Emotional wisdom school techniques and classes
Personalized self care strategy - developed to meet your needs & lifestyle

I am deeply thankful to have Nicole Crouch Diaz as my CI practitioner. She is clear, insightful, and genuine in her excitement to guide me through emotional obstacles and help me to thrive. While always ethical and professional, her warmth creates an atmosphere of support that is ideal for working through personal challenges. Thank you so much, Nicole!

Nicole’s gracious ability to both heal and teach is what has made my experiences with her CI sessions so effecting. Nicole worked intuitively with me and at the same time explained clearly what she was doing, and what everything meant. As a beginner to CI this made my experience so welcoming.

    Michael Margolis

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Level II Practitioner

    Phone: 855.GO.STORY ext 3 (Office)
    Info: Based in Los Angeles, CA
    Lead sessions via distance healing by video or phone, and can provide a recording if you would like

    My specialty is working with people that are in the business of transformation. You might be a thought leader, a change-maker, a visionary healer, an established author/speaker, or disruptive entrepreneur. You carry a big vision, message, and purpose. Yet your path comes with unique demands for accelerated growth. Through CoreIndividuation, we can strengthen your inner capacity for overcoming challenges with grace, and address the invisible forces that stand in the way of playing on an even bigger stage. Few people really get or understand your unique world. I just might.

    For more than 15 years, I have advised leaders from top organizations including Facebook, Google, Genentech, NASA, and Greenpeace. I am a two-time TEDx speaker, and a global expert on storytelling and communicating innovation. I speak on stages in front of thousands of people and teach at business schools around the world. I have been blessed to be a student of CoreIndividuation for over a decade - and consider this work a foundation stone my own growth and evolution. With the support of CI, I have overcome many challenging times including divorce, multiple start-up failures, and healing from chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and lyme disease. It's with deep gratitude that I serve CI clients as a mentor in their own accelerated growth. I am also initiated as a teacher of CoreIndividuation, leading the Illuminated Body two-day intensive several times a year. I might be a good match as your CI practitioner if you seek someone with great empathy, who can guide you in translating your biggest visions into tangible reality. Email me if you'd like to schedule a session, I usually book 2 months out in advance.

    Michael has so much care, compassion, and sensitivity that just spending an hour in his presence can be very healing. Combining Michael’s natural abilities with this very powerful modality makes for a transformative experience! CI provides this framework and is truly a unique exploration into one’s self. I’m not sure how it works….but it does. Check it out, remain open-minded, and allow yourself to feel the difference this work can make!

      Kate Zehnter

    • Methuen, MA
    • Level II Practitioner, M.Ed

      Phone: 978-884-6712
      Info: Seeing clients in Methuen, MA
      Working remote by phone and Skype

      Anais Nin said “and the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” For many this isn’t an easy undertaking to do alone. As a CoreIndividuation Practitioner I am able to use Desda Zuckerman’s mapping of our Sacred Anatomy to work in partnership with clients as life’s journey unfolds toward their empowered self.
      As a CI Practitioner, the partnership with the client has supportive, conscious and purposeful pre-operative and post-operative protocols that bring balance and harmony to clients before, during and after surgical procedures.

      Since our second session I am doing well. Some challenging opportunities presented themselves for me to stand up and put myself first instead of setting myself aside to accommodate others.
      Also, after our session, my very painful low back issues were alleviated to a great degree and I have continued to recover and get stronger every day. I guess my mobility is returning on many levels!
      Isn’t that great!

      I felt a definite release of old time resentments towards my siblings. It has been easier to accept them for who they are and not set expectations that will then be unsatisfied. I have recommended that my husband and friends to take the opportunity to work with Kate.

      Reverend Zehnter performed CI work on me a few days after I experienced severe vertigo. When she saw me, my dizziness had already stopped due to medical intervention, but my mind was still reeling from having experienced such a traumatic event and my body was still trying to cope with all the medication I had received to treat my symptoms. During my CI session, I feel as though Reverend Zehnter was able to use her work to align the medical treatment I received with my body’s natural healing ability, resulting in a recovery process that was more fine-tuned to my specific needs.

        Karen Zimmerman

      • Santa Rosa, CA
      • Level III Practitioner

        Phone: 707 545 4569

        Info: Seeing clients in Santa Rosa, CA (Sonoma County) at 2230 Professional Drive, Suite D, and remotely by phone and Skype.

        Health and wellness are the primary focus of my practice. I will help you discover the healing qualities inherent in your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects through the use of the most advanced tools available in the holistic community today. In a consultation, we will uncover a detailed assessment of the overall state of your health.
        My therapeutic plan includes Core Individuation, specific diet, nutrition, and exercise programs, lifestyle changes, and nutritional and natural medicinal supplements designed to bring your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects into greater balance and harmony.

        As a certified Holistic Health Practitioner through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and a certified CI Practitioner, a wellness program designed specifically for you and your body type can be provided. Since 1999 I have developed a personalized, integrated, holistic approach to health. Together we will address your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues which keep you in a state of dis-ease. Understanding this type of healing relationship greatly enhances the healing process and allows a more powerful healing experience.

        The body has an amazing ability to heal itself when it is allowed to rest and as your holistic practitioner and teacher of health and holism, we will look to the cause of the imbalance and not just treat your symptoms. Together we will come to an understanding of how to live as nature intended – healthy, happy, and confident.

        I am finding a harmony and balance now…I am finding me. Things are continuing to shift and sort and the depression is gone.
        Thank you so much for all of your time and care and love. I’m feeling much better and feel my body moving forwards.
        My heart opened again too and breathing into all that is happening 🙂
        Love you

        I had the most incredible experience with Karen the other day. For almost 5 months I’ve had lots of pain and inflammation in my hands without being able to figure out the cause. Karen began to use her new technique on them to determine and remove that which was causing the pain. I had never had any sort of treatment like it done before and as I lay there I just thought, “I know I need to believe in the process but I don’t know what this is and even if it does, will it last?’’ When she had me move my hand and check where the pain had been it was totally gone! The swelling was rapidly decreasing. I couldn’t believe it and I wept with joy because a part of me knew this was healing so much more than just that pain. The pain has stayed away since that day and the ones that we have yet to attend to are calling to be released now and I can’t wait to see her again.
        Simply incredible!

        I feel very at peace and as though there has been a resolution of matters with my mother. I am not in any pain, but my ankles are stiff and tender. Life is pleasant and easy. Thanks so much to you, Dear One.

          Kathrina Kasha Peterson

        • Mill Valley, CA
        • Level II Practitioner, MA, ABM

          Phone: 415-845-0084
          Marin Mindful Body: Empowering lives through sound, movement and touch

          Info: Seeing clients in Mill Valley, CA
          Working remote by phone and Skype

          I have been studying consciousness transformation for nearly 25 years. My graduate studies and my personal experiences have focused on how to support spiritual emergence for you and your loved one. I spent the decade of my twenties in a monastic environment and I also have a graduate degree focusing on spiritual emergency and chronic illness as paths of transformation. Through presence, clarity and hands-on healing, I facilitate individuals to be more awake to themselves. I offer a fountain where neuroscience, psychology, biology, movement, energy medicine and spirituality meet.

          What do I love about this work? Seeing people come home to themselves in aliveness, beauty, joy and light. It never ceases to amaze me the wonder and delight inherent in the uniqueness of each person. As a keeper of the light, I am committed to guiding clients in fully awakening to their full authentic presence. Part of this is facilitating the ushering of their gifts to this world.
          I am best in seeing the big picture as well as bringing the details needed to witness gently, firmly and compassionately the journey unfolding with all its wild tender rides.

          Kathrina is an extraordinary health practitioner and a gifted natural healer. My CI work with her not only addressed long standing issues in a holistic and effective way, but the work continues to unfold and be relevant these many months later. I found that CI addressed challenges I have been working on for a very long time in an integrative and effective way. I feel tremendous space around the limitations that I have experienced in the past and great hope in creating my future. Kathrina is the Labron James of the healing world and we are all blessed to get to work with her.

          I saw Kathrina Peterson for some work around my mood and some fears around money and my work.
          Immediately after my two sessions with her, I felt much lighter and less burdened. This feeling has stayed with me but what is amazing is what has occurred around my business. I have had the best two months of my career and there is no other explanation than the shift in my energy and view around it. I have no doubt that the work Kathrina did has given me the clarity and lightness to emerge from a funk that I had been in for a very long time.

          I just started a wonderful treatment with Kathrina.
          I had been feeling like my frontal lobe is coming down, but now feel whatever was shading is cleared.
          Like right after a good yoga work- feels like whole of my brain cells did yoga and are refreshed and serene.

            Cheryl Berry

          • SF Bay Area
          • Level III Practitioner

            Phone:  707-327-7539
            Info: Based in San Francisco Bay Area
            Sessions provided via web interface and phone
            Facilitating your relationship with your greater authentic being.

            Yes, you carry a big load, and I can partner with you to ease your transition into greater success, clarity and energy.

            My specialty is working with people that are interested in putting the pieces of their life together and clearing their past issues away for success.  I am here to clarify and propel you into expressing your fullest expression and purpose on the planet.  I can:

            • Bring you a freedom from the tyranny of your own negative thoughts and misguided beliefs.
            • Help you release the trauma and patterns holding you back from achieving your goals and dreams.
            • Support you in bringing your “A Game” without burning out.

            MY BACKGROUND

            In my ongoing quest to study the connection between quantum physics, quantum biology and the nature of reality, I have been a student of the healing power of subtle energy for 20 years. I have also been transformed by my involvement with Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine since I first picked up the book Your Sacred Anatomy in 2014. I experienced this work as an innovative and powerful approach to my own healing and evolution as it has helped remove the limiting patterns and allowed me to move powerfully into fulfilling my life and soul’s purpose.

            As a best selling author of Girlfriend on the Rocks, I chronicled my mountain climbing adventures that ended with a life-threatening fall down a glacier, dramatic rescue and miraculous recovery. I can now see how this painful event was the first step for me on a journey to satisfying my soul’s mission.

            Let me facilitate your soul’s growth and evolution to help you achieve your goals and clarify your life’s purpose. As we release you from repeating old patterns and unveil a more authentic you to usher in a new era of success, health, and happiness in your life.

              Michaela McGivern

            • Sebastopol, CA
            • Level III Practitioner, OT

              Phone: 707-217-7732
              Info: Seeing clients in Sebastopol
              Working remote by phone and Skype

              I have been practicing Energy Medicine for more than 23 years on my quest to learn how to facilitate the deepest level of healing that we are capable of. Throughout most of my life I have been clairaudient, clairvoyant and a medium. In my early 20’s I started out working as a rehabilitation therapist specializing in head trauma. I wondered how people could heal from these injuries on all levels-not just their bodies and brains- but their whole being. There was no place for my psychic skills in the western medicine model. Those questions were the initiation into my life long journey as a healer, one who has been guided how to delve into the energetics of our being and to bring more joy and light into the lives every one I touch.

              Over the decades I became certified in many modalities including Quantum Energetics, Sound Healing, Theta Medical Intuitive Healing, Peruvian Shamanism and Contemporary Shamanism. When I became a Certified CoreIndividuation™ Practitioner in 2014, I began to understand how powerful this work is, as I witnessed my own changes. Finally, I could step out confidently and fully embodied as teacher and practitioner . I could own my own depth and clarity, free from the wounds I had carried .

              CI is a comprehensive, powerful and transformative healing modality. I have seen more success and faster results with CI than any other modality that I have studied in 25 years! I have developed a profound understanding and appreciation of how exquisitely refined the Sacred Anatomy is in each of us.

              The work of CI elegantly and gracefully clears life patterns, karmic wounds and old issues that hinder us from becoming our most brilliant selves. It also repairs the damage from trauma that is stored in our Sacred Anatomy and realigns our structure so that we can show up more fully. It allows us to step into our natural state of divinity while embodying our highest potential.

              Michaela is brilliant, honest, sincere and genuinely cares about me. I feel safe with Michaela and her intuition is amazingly accurate. She can look into deep into my soul and I feel seen and understood.

              During the past 15 years she has helped me open doors that have enabled me to heal and feel more confident. With Michaela’s gentle guidance and encouragement, I now believe in myself, can stand tall and be with people in a softer, kinder, gentler way. As a result of this journey, I feel like I know who I really am for the first time in my 84 years.

              Michaela is very present, clear and welcoming with me. I have profound trust in her and the way she works is fascinating! We are in total partnership, and it is sacred, fun, and deep. She makes it easy to go deeper each time and the work is integrating powerfully into my life.

              As a result of working with Michaela, I have more resilience and am able to meet the challenges in my life with confidence. My connection to my Spirit has more energy and I am happier. I now have a vibrational presence that allows me to be Peace in the world and I am bringing more joy to my music, sharing healing energy with all those I touch.  I am grateful for her amazing support.

              I have had the great fortune to work with Michaela during times of devastating emotional pain and loss.

              Her loving wisdom created a safe place for me to explore and release life long patterns that continually attracted unhealthy situations in my life. Michaela’s keen intuition allows the use of many amazing healing modalities including Core Individuation.

              I now have many practical tools to employ though my daily spiritual journey of living and healing. I look forward to continuing my work with Michaela as a gifted healer.

              feel completely at ease with Michaela and have deep trust in her ability to assist me delve into my personal inner space to clear up personal challenges.

              She has worked with me to clear old emotional debris and unwanted energies. Each time I went to her filled with fatigue and depression, she patiently and expertly worked with me so that I was able to reclaim my own space and recover my good hearted and smiling nature. I’ve recommended her numerous times and will continue to do so.

              Since my work with Michaela, I have experienced breakthrough moments in my every day life! Michaela has helped me resolve situations that used to run the show. Now, I am stepping fully into my personal power and am able to recognize and take action in alignment with my truest destination. My life has changed with CoreIndividuation™. Michaela has given me freedom in all aspects of my life!

                Britta Fischlin

              • Palo Alto, CA
              • Level III Practitioner

                Phone: 650-387-4714

                Info:  CI Practitioner and Illuminated Body Instructor
                In Person, I see clients in Palo Alto, CA, USA
                Remotely, I work with clients by Zoom, Skype, or Phone world-wide

                As a transformational business expert, I support creative entrepreneurs, healers, and coaches who realize that their business can only grow as much as they themselves grow.

                Taking on building a business, continuously walking into new territory, brings up things for us that we might not have come up against before and need to be addressed at all levels–mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually –to create sustainable success.

                Many of my clients are sensitives, empaths, and intuitives who have done personal growth work and realize that mindset is important, but by itself not enough. I help you to address the invisible forces that you may experience of feeling guided by limiting beliefs, frustrated, stuck, self-doubting, or chasing your tail in pursuit of your entrepreneurial success by removing these obstacles from your whole being. We partner to up-level your business growth by matching your inner state of being with your desired outer business success.

                I combine 30 years of business and marketing background with a deep level of listening, years of coaching and somatic practices, and CoreIndividuation to help you release any obstacles and to heal your relationship to business, marketing and selling so that everything is in alignment to manifest your personal and business success.

                I invite you to contact me for an initial conversation to see if we are a right fit for each other.

                I am also certified as a teacher of “Illuminated Body”, Your Sacred Anatomy’s foundational class and I lead the two-day intensive several times a year.


                After my last session with Britta I feel much stronger. I experience increased awareness and a deeper connection to my Self. I have been able to shift my point of view in several areas of my life, both professional and personal with Britta’s support. Due to my sessions with her I feel much more open and spacious; there have been tremendous changes on the inside, which made it possible for me to make changes and decisions in my life that I couldn’t have perceived before. It’s been so much easier to maintain clarity and staying in the positive. I’m deeply grateful for all the support Britta has given me to grow stronger and experience increased inner peace.

                As a solo-preneur who is committed to making a difference in the world, I have learned through experience that one of the highest forms of service I can offer is to take very good care of myself– to tune my instrument, so to speak, on a regular basis.  Britta is a gifted professional who has been an integral part of my support team for several years, and I am grateful all at once for her generosity of spirit and her commitment to her craft.

                From a business and marketing perspective, Britta listens deeply and helps me explore strategies and actions that fit both my objectives and my style.  She brings a wealth of experience, and is both thoughtful and on-target with her guidance.  With Britta’s help I am able to more consistently show up bright & clear in my life and in my work, which means everything to me… and to my clients, too!  Britta is the antidote to the cookie-cutter, one size fits all business coach.

                Through our work together we have resolved in a single session both physical pains and mental / emotional congestion that I would have otherwise spent days & weeks working through – a life saver in terms of reclaimed time, attention and precious life force.  I encourage you: if you are even a little curious about working with someone who can SEE you and help YOU succeed, talk with Britta and explore how she might assist you.  You, your unique expression, and indeed the world will be better for it!

                  Amanda Cruise

                • Santa Rosa, CA
                • Level III Practitioner

                  Phone: +1 707-755-1038
                  Info: Based in Santa Rosa, CA, USA
                  One on one sessions worldwide via Zoom video conference and in person group talks, workshops and classes.
                  Happy to provide session recordings upon request.
                  Languages: English, Spanish, French and Italian

                  Hi there! Are you helping create positive change? Wonderful.
                  I would love to help you do what you do, even better.

                  I am a soul teacher, healer and guide, and the founder of Sacred Action School. I am also an artist, activist, catalyst and proud mountain lion mama to a trans son.

                  I specialize in working with people who are busy making our world a better place in ways big and small, all over the world. I help them deeply heal and release what’s in their way, so they can have maximum positive impact and thrive in the process.

                  Maybe you are saving bees, cleaning up oceans, inspiring children, breaking down barriers, building peace or embodying new ways of seeing and being that serve our collective wellbeing. And in the midst of it all, you keep facing one or more health, love, work, parenting, personal growth and/or life stage challenges that are holding you back from your fullest expression and greatest impact. It doesn’t have to be that way. It is truly time for you to stop surviving, managing or overcoming, and start thriving, radiating and creating with ease and grace now.

                  Using the leading-edge and evolutionary approach of Subtle Anatomy Energy Medicine and other practices, I can support you to experience deep healing, release, relief, and resolution, perhaps more profoundly and lastingly that you have ever experienced before. Each session is a sacred partnership in which you learn new ways of being and serving in your life, grounded and guided by your own soul’s deep wisdom and inner knowing. It would be my honor to guide and empower you on this journey.
                  Why do I do what I do? Because I believe your full aliveness and embodied expression are absolutely essential in our times. All of you and your gifts are needed, fully awake, aware, alive and powered by a deep connection to all of life, in service to a greater purpose beyond self. That, to me, is Sacred Action.

                  For the past 26 years, I have been exploring and training in ancient wisdom teachings, sacred lineages, advanced energy work and alternative pathways to healing, transformation, and evolution so as to serve the greater good in our times and the future generations. My medicine basket is big, beautiful and full and I am excited to share it with you.

                  Finding Subtle Anatomy has been the proverbial icing on the cake, allowing me to finally ‘crack the code’ and take my life and work with others to a whole new level of liberation and leadership. I have not only overcome but transformed tremendous personal challenges and old traumas into great assets and gifts. The intelligence, elegance, depth and power of this work absolutely tickles me pink, and if it turns out we are a great match, I know it will captivate and delight you too.

                  If you are feeling a pull to connect, I recommend tea and a chat via video call. I have created a special no obligation free Discovery Call so we can explore together whether I and this work are right for you at this time. I very much look forward to you being in touch.

                  With love and passion,

                  These days I feel freer than I have ever felt.

                  My work with Amanda has allowed me to step out of my story and see and allow for possibilities in my own self-realization. Although it’s a work in progress, this work has supported me to take huge leaps in my own growth and healing and to step out of my wounded identity. I am now able to show up in my community in an embodied way and be more able to connect with the people I care for.

                  I like working with Amanda because she feels safe, she is a warm face to meet with and has a genuine compassionate way about herself. Also, I know that every time I interact with her, I will be encountering a transformation, I will be meeting a huge shift and receiving a strong helping hand. It’s not magic, because in fact I do have to do my own internal work to support the energetic shifts and healings that happen, but it is magic in the sense that major energetic barriers get lifted and healed.

                  If you are ready to move to the next phase of your life, I strongly recommend Amanda.

                  “It is hard to imagine my life before and without the work with Amanda, sitting here today. I have a new way of relating to myself, nature, people and energy. I feel greater love, containment, wonder. In particular, I feel a greater connection to a non-rational, non-logical spiritual side of me. I fundamentally feel more grounded and more centered, as well as more in touch with magic and wonder.

                  I have positively surprised myself by, far more quickly than I could have ever imagined (at all!), allowing myself to trust in the methodology even in its more ‘out there’ moments. I’ve left the doubt and cynicism behind and I have been able to benefit from the connections and being guided to shift and access energy.

                  I very much enjoy the structure and the flow of the work, even as it allows for flexibility. I feel a sense of purpose and vision about where we are going that I never felt when I was in therapy.

                    Arlene Gronningsater

                  • SF to Sacramento, CA
                  • Level III Practitioner

                    Phone: (415) 652 - 0422

                    Info: Seeing clients regularly in San Francisco, 1 - 2 times/month in Sacramento and Sonoma, and remotely by phone/Skype

                    I started out earning a degree in Psychology and Elementary Education
                    degree from SUNY Stony Brook in 1974. I then went on to get her Occupational
                    Therapy degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1977. I worked for many
                    years in traditional settings such as school systems, hospitals and out patient
                    clinics. Working with neonates to 99 year olds in the areas of both
                    biomechanical and neurological dysfunction became her interest at first. I have
                    expanded into working with individual nutritional needs and physiological detox. I
                    look at the whole individual and what is affecting their progress toward health.

                    In my own journey I found that traditional methods were limiting. My own health
                    issues, including back pain and women's health issues led me on a search for
                    other solutions. Integrative Manual Therapy is one of myprimary tools. I
                    studied and I am Certified IMT,C. therapist for the last 20 years. This therapy has
                    helped me heal tissues and prevent surgery. Always looking for more answers
                    has been my quest. Adding other practices such as Cranial sacral Therapy,
                    Process Acupressure, Zero Balancing and Myofascial Release has helped my
                    own growth and development, as well as my clients’ healing process. A Nutrition
                    degree has also enhanced my practice and speeds up the clients healing with
                    individualized supplement programs.

                    When I had been introduced to CoreIndividuation and immediately knew that this
                    was a deeper way of helping my clients heal. Over my years of working with
                    people and the body I have learned that we are not just a physical body. Our
                    physical issues may be due to emotional trauma and our environment. CI helps
                    us release these traumas without reliving the trauma. It is a beautiful and
                    intricate as our physical body. It helps align the body and move us from pain and
                    discomfort to healing and beyond.

                    My strength is that I can determine what each person needs for their healing.
                    Through my years of working with the body I can feel what is beneficial for
                    ones healing. I listen to the body and my techniques are gentle and allows
                    the body and whole person move towards alignment.

                    Healthy, non-invasive techniques are the goal for treating anything that takes us
                    out of homeostasis. My goal is to keep searching, growing and going deeper
                    into the healing arts and sciences. Helping my clients heal and come back to a
                    more flexible and vibrant state of health is my passion.
                    Please contact me. I would love to be part of your healing journey.

                      Jeannie Mckenzie

                    • Oakland, CA
                    • Level III Practitioner

                      Phone: 510-290-9593
                      Info: Seeing clients at Pinehaven Rd, Oakland CA
                      Remote sessions by phone and Skype

                      I have been working as a practitioner of barefoot shiatsu massage since 1986 and biodynamic cranial sacral work since 2000. I am a musician, a mime, and an Orff music teacher for children. I have been practicing yoga since 1972 and chi gung since 1990. All of these practices have contributed to my curiosity about and understanding of energy and how it moves us.
                      Meeting Desda and discovering CI felt like a homecoming for my soul. Her explanation of our energetic anatomy felt immediately true to me, and I as I studied, I experienced an awakening to my greater energetic being that I had previously only glimpsed. I began eagerly practicing everything I learned as I deepened my studies with Desda, and I have been amazed at the transformation I have experienced through this work. My scoliosis has dramatically decreased. My ability to love myself and hold those around me with greater compassion has significantly increased. My daughter, who is quite the skeptic when it comes to energy work asked to experience a CI session, since she has seen such a transformation in me since I have been practicing.
                      This process of assisting others in clearing the layers of clouds that obscure our divine essence feels like my true calling, and I am honored to be able to offer this work as a CI Practitioner.

                      My work ranges from life coach to performing artist, and since I found her two years ago, Jeannie has been my go-to healer for everything that has come up. Jeannie beautifully balances professionalism and unconditional compassion as she holds space for deep healing to occur on all levels. I’ve had both remote and in-person sessions, lasting anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours, to treat conditions such as panic attacks and significant physical injury, as well as to “recharge” after working with clients and teaching weekend intensive workshops. Without fail, I’ve left her sessions feeling lighter, more energized, and pain free. I mean it when I call Jeannie a “healer” – I don’t use that term lightly. Whatever you may have going on, Jeannie will be able to help

                      Jeannie is an authentic healer, practicing a sacred medicine. I am astonished by her understanding of the Human Energy Structure and ways to bring wellness to it. She has expanded my awareness of what health is. I feel fortunate and grateful.

                        Dexter Leland

                      • Santa Rosa, CA
                      • Phone: 707-280-9212 (Cell), 707-521-9463 (Home)
                        Info: Seeing clients in Santa Rosa, CA
                        Will work remote by phone and Skype

                        I have been a spiritual explorer for almost 50 years. I began my journey studying with Jack Schwarz in 1972. Jack was a well-respected practitioner of nontraditional methods of health and healing and the author of a variety of books including “The human Energy Systems”. I was fortunate to travel with him in 1972 throughout Mexico, visiting a variety of pyramids and ancient ruins. The following year we went to Greece and Egypt where we climbed to the top of the Great Pyramid.
                        Adding to my medicine bag of healing modalities I learned AmaDeus, the 6000 year old healing practice of the Guarani tribe of South America. I am a practitioner and instructor in this heart based modality. In 2001 I lived in Guatemala, studying Mayan healing traditions. I spent 7 years studying with Tata Pedro Cruz, learning the traditional Tzutujil fire ceremony. I also lived with Vincenta Gonzales Navicoch and her family in San Pedro, Lake Atitlan where I was trained to be a healer in her tradition.
                        Here in the US I now practice and teach the Mayan soul retrieval ceremonies I learned from Vicenta.
                        Presently I am a practitioner in Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine as taught by Desda Zuckerman. The principles, methods, procedures and techniques of Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine have greatly enhanced my existing skills. I am grateful to be a part of the Sacred Anatomy Community and am dedicated in my practice to the growth and expansion of my client’s well-being

                        In the last few months, Dexter Leland’s work with the CoreIndividuation system has brought invaluable benefits to myself, my husband, other family members, and several of my own holistic wellness clients. I highly recommend his work to anybody who is seriously involved in energetic, emotional, mental or physical healing.

                        Dexter offers skill, intuition and compassion at its best. Clearly, his experiences with the techniques are rapidly growing, giving his clients increasing depth of healing and awareness of their energy structures. Dexter’s natural capacity to get in tune with others allows him to guide the process exactly where it needs to go. And like all true healers, he gently but surely involves everyone in his or her own path to health

                          Holly Woods

                        • San Anselmo, CA
                        • Level III Practitioner, PhD

                          Phone: 415-858-4308

                          Info:  Based in San Anselmo, CA, just north of San Francisco
                          Offer coaching/ healing sessions in-person, video or phone. Recording provided.

                          As an empathic intuitive, I can see that you’ve been called here to do big work. Being seen for who you really are is fundamental to discovering and claiming the work you are here to do. Your unique Soul Purpose. Your evolutionary genius.

                          It may be hard for you to imagine the magnificence and power that you truly are… given you’ve been required to stay small in this chaotic de-sensitized world where most can’t imagine their brilliance.

                          Your journey may have been challenging so far, and required courage and tenacity to move past the challenges. And to move into your most magnificent and impactful work, you will still need courage and persistence. But it doesn’t have to be the same.

                          You can now move into your intended manifestation with direction, focus, grace, ease and abundance. It is truly possible. We now know how to do this differently. All the spiritual and technological advances can help you navigate the way forward.

                          As an international coach, mentor and healer, I will inspire you to live into the truth of who you are, so you can express yourself more powerfully in the world. I will guide you to aim toward your truth by rediscovering and claiming your magnificence. My work in CoreIndividuation™ and other modalities will help you align with that truth by letting go of what no longer serves you, and support you to commit to acting on that truth in everything you think, say or do in order to amplify your energetic aliveness. In that, you increase the meaning and impact in your life by taking small courageous steps into your abundant potential.

                          I often work with visionary entrepreneurs and innovators who want to create more meaning, have more abundance, and create sustainable impact by uncovering their purpose and aligning their vision, products, organization culture and systems design.

                          I am a transformational coach, consultant and mentor and have been guiding people into purposeful lives for 35 years. I’m also a serial intra- and entrepreneur, having built and scaled multiple businesses (including four of my own). I bring an academic background in human development-related product development, design and testing, and as an executive and consultant I’ve created or reorganized systems and infrastructure for dozens of businesses, using rigorous purpose-related and developmental stages to focus and streamline product development and delivery to scale and maximize meaning and profits.

                          I earned my PhD in Human & Organizational Development, and hold Certifications as an Integral Master Coach™, Purpose Guide™, Professional Mediator and Facilitator, and a CoreIndividuation™ Energy Practitioner. I use these capacities and other credentials in transformational and entrepreneurial arenas to help you become a more purposeful change-maker and leader, create purpose-aligned products and build a purpose-driven business.

                          “For the first time in years I feel creatively inspired and excited about life. This work has really woken me up. My creative blocks are virtually gone! I’ve opened the doors to true love. I’m no longer willing to hide. Holly is insightful, highly intuitive, delightful to work with, funny, strong, and a real loving soul. I love that she held me accountable, yet supported me through some seriously rough patches. If you are ready to wake up and start living your true purpose, I highly recommend Holly. If you prefer to live in delusion, choking on your mind, then I would run for the hills.”

                          “I’m relating to life from a soulful and purposeful place- it’s like having saturated color in a world that could often appear drab. I feel a freer expression of joy and love, curiosity, experimenting, the deep trust and feeling of home. Holly helped open me to a whole different way of being in the world, with a whole other world of gifts, capacities, and insights.”

                          “Work with Holly benefited every sphere of my life – relationships,   work life, and how I see myself. Plus creating my new business. I have more impact now than ever before. Holly masterfully creates a trusting container for deep work. She is empathic, loving, understanding and shows an unparalleled support. Holly opened some important doors for me and guided me with the exact steps I needed to take to enter through those doors at my own pace.”

                            Weegi Patrick Ryan

                          • Santa Rosa, CA
                          • Level III Practitioner

                            Phone: 707-293-8212
                            Info:  Based in Santa Rosa, CA, working remotely by phone or web conference

                            As a child, my whole and sacred self was understood in the woods. I’ve dedicated my whole and sacred self-teaching for 40 years in the swirling energy world of Qigong-TaiChi. Teaching this self-care discipline has been useful to hundreds, yet I’ve known is not enough to live life full on.

                            As a healer, a Practitioner of CoreIndividuation, I can assist people to break thru painful limitations and choose a path of higher ground. As a CI Practitioner, I hold the physical and energetic as one intelligent consciousness that can be accessed. Our process with clients is participatory. Together we can release or lighten current difficulties and establish a higher level of life function and life purpose.

                            You are welcome to a complimentary ten-minute exploratory chat to experience how we might work together, either by phone or at my office in Santa Rosa.


                            Going through intensive chemotherapy for leukemia look a big toll on body and soul. This 2nd round of treatment was less awful because Weegi released my trauma and pain DAILY and filled me with healthy light keeping my energy up. She is a light in the dark



                              Samantha Ravensong

                            • Woodacre, CA
                            • Level IV Practitioner, MA, RMT

                              Phone: 415 572 9100 (Cell), 415 482 9859 (Work)
                              Info: Seeing clients in Woodacre, CA (Marin County), working remotely by phone

                              I am a Level IV certified Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine Practitioner. Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine inspires me because it is so very precise and effective, and always leads to transformation! In addition to SAEM, I have a master’s degree in counseling psychology, and I am certified in Hakomi mindfulness-based, body-centered psychotherapy, polarity therapy, sound voice and music healing, and animal communication. I am also a Reiki Master and have taught Reiki internationally. I trained as a doula with DONA, and I studied midwifery with a well-known local midwife. I have had a private practice as a healer since 2001.

                              I have 4 areas of specialty

                              1. ENERGETIC MIDWIFERY: Helping expecting mothers and their partners to prepare for birth and parenthood by transforming fear into power, and clearing their personal, relational, intergenerational and karmic conditioning, trauma and debris so their children can be born into a pristine and present-time energetic reality, and be free to focus their life on their own soul’s purpose. Energetic midwifery includes a series of SAEM sessions combined with coaching materials around important topics such as clearing fear around birth, listening for your child’s souls name, creating a birth plan, and making informed and empowered choices around vaccinations, circumcision, and infant-caregiver communication. Energetic support is also available during the birth itself, which can make a world of difference by clearing obstacles, attuning any medications and procedures, and providing ongoing replenishing energies as physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual support for the birthing mama and baby. I have supported many women through finding clarity about whether motherhood is for them, becoming pregnant with ease, clearing fears of birth and parenthood, communicating with their baby's spirit during pregnancy, clearing their own childhood trauma and conditioning so it’s not passed along, and receiving energetic support during birth. I experienced energetic support using SAEM during the birth of my son, and it made a world of difference. So, I am offering this same amazing service to other pregnant mothers. I also work with adoptive parents. Post-natal energy medicine sessions for mother, partner and child are also available, as birth is just the beginning of your whole new reality!

                              2. GREATER MIND ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP: Helping CEO’s, venture capitalists and people in positions of organizational leadership to become the best leaders they can be, and to create an enlightened culture and structure that best benefits the core values of the organization, while helping to make the world a better place. This work includes individual SAEM sessions, combined with training about how to connect with the greater mind, and the spiritual guidance of your organization, so that the direction of your organization is literally guided by divine intelligence, and can, therefore, reach much greater levels of success while functioning as harmoniously as possible. I have worked with people in positions of leadership at Kaiser, Chanel, Harvard, The Well-Being Trust, and McKinsey.

                              3. MEDICAL MAGIC: Providing energetic support during surgery, medical procedures, and medical treatments, so that they are effective and pain-free. I have helped many people by doing long distance healing on them during surgery, medical procedures, and medical treatments. Every person I have worked on in this capacity has experienced a rapid and pain-free recovery. If you are going to be experiencing a surgery, an invasive medical procedure or a powerful treatment such as chemo, radiation, or stem cell transplant, please give yourself peace of mind, and an energetically prepared and supported structure so that you too can have an effective treatment and a rapid, comfortable and easy recovery.

                              3. ANIMAL ALLY: Helping animals to release shock and trauma, to communicate with their caregivers, to heal and recover quickly with pre/during/post medical and surgical support, and to have a conscious beautiful death experience when they are ready.

                              I would love to support you, and your loved ones, in an incredible journey of healing and awakening!

                              Samantha is a beautiful and positive spirit who has an incredible gift to offer others: the ability to intuitively and thoughtfully help you heal, understand, and tap into your own energy field. I have worked with Samantha as a Core Individuation client, and I always leave feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and energized. I specifically asked for her assistance in helping to identify my purpose which was educational and transformative. We used CI techniques to clear my energy structure, remove signatures, and empower me to know and live into my sense of purpose. She has the unique talent to allow your energy to flow uninhibited and does so in a very comfortable, calming manner. Her knowledge of the body’s sacred energy force is impressive, as is her passion for helping others. I highly recommend her services for anyone looking to heal, understand their life’s purpose, and to feel beautiful and amazing from the inside out!

                              Samantha is a truly gifted and unique healer. She is humble, effective, and highly accurate. I respect her expertise and professionalism greatly, as it provides a safe and grounded container for TRUE TRANSFORMATION and personal growth. I recommend her highly and I refer clients to her regularly. Samantha offers her own blend of healing including Psychotherapy, Reiki and Core Individuation, that encompasses the physical, the emotional, and all octaves of the spiritual dimensions. Her approach is truly INTEGRAL, addressing all the levels of human experience. Samantha is one of the most gifted healers I have ever met. She has a highly refined capacity in the realm of subtle energy, and a very special connection to the spiritual dimension that allows profound and holistic shifts of consciousness to happen spontaneously. I have received her work many times, and most recently her CI work, and it has always had a profound result in enhancing clarity, power and providing deep healing on every level of my being.

                              When I first came to see Samantha, I was in some considerable discomfort and limited functioning after the death of my mother and the end of a relationship. I had sought her out for sessions just so I could sleep at night. The CI work she did, and its effects, were much more profound than I could have ever imagined. Samantha is one of the very rare healers anywhere who offers a combination of solid intellectual and theoretical grounding along with a divine gift of energetic healing and intuitive insight. Her work is at once nurturing and soothing, as well as powerfully dynamic and affecting, bringing about real change. She is able to bring keen intuitive awareness to her work, gently but precisely using her wealth of tools and gifts to very quickly zero in on stuck places and free the energy. The result for me is an experience of joy and freedom. We have also recently used CI work to help my dog stabilize from neurotoxic drug exposure and seizures. His seizures have stopped, and he seems much lighter.

                                Katherine Lee

                              • Santa Cruz, CA
                              • Level III Practitioner

                                Phone: (707) 217-5534

                                Info: Working in Santa Cruz, remotely by phone and Zoom/Skype

                                I found this body of work through receiving its benefits in sessions, buying the book and finally taking the plunge into the Practitioner Trainings. Having experienced the connection to energetic realms in nature as a child, this work came naturally to me. This is the sole body of healing work I have actively studied and I utilize what I have in my knowingness to come forth in my work as a Practitioner. I believe it found me.

                                Being a fine artist, I like to use as much color and texture as possible in a session. Every time a client sits down in the chair, it’s like a blank canvas- an opportunity to build awareness that there is a fresh story, more possibility and magic right at their fingertips. Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine is about working together, from that empowered place within and it is my honor to hold the space for fellow man/woman to come into their own. My approach is to calm the chatter and to allow the truth to surface in a manner that hits home for each individual. This work is a lot about homecomings. It’s about breaking out as well. And finding that you don’t have to do any of it alone- that’s the icing on the cake.

                                  Quiana Grace Frost

                                • Sebastopol, CA
                                • Level III Practitioner
                                  Phone: 707 318-8824
                                  Info: SAEM Practitioner and In Depth Edge Practice Instructor
                                  Working both:
                                  In Person - in Sebastopol, CA, USA
                                  Remotely - by Phone, Skype, or Zoom

                                  For over 38 years I have practiced on the leading edge of the transformational healing arts, serving as a healer, intuitive guide, mentor and teacher. With Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine (SAEM) I have an exquisite tool to further support my clients in experiencing graceful relief from distress so they can more readily open to the light of who they truly are.

                                  SAEM supports me in clearing obstacles and challenges with stunning ease and grace. With elegance and efficiency, the energetic basis behind patterns of imbalance that cause discord in our lives can be readily detected and shifted, restoring access to our greater wholeness.

                                  My clients report feeling lighter and more expansive, feeling a renewed sense of hope, freedom, greater peace, ease and enhanced well-being… nourished on all levels of their being. With these shifts, they’re able access a higher state of consciousness and more readily realize their greater potential in their work, health and relationships.
                                  It’s my calling to support people fulfilling their soul’s purpose here. If you are dedicated to serving the greater good and are sincerely ready to restore and uplift your energy so you can make your contribution without compromise or sacrifice, I’m here to support your evolution and success.

                                  Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine is a profound gift that I’m honored to share with you. I warmly invite you to contact me for a complimentary initial conversation to see if our working together is right for you.

                                  in the healing light of love,

                                  Quiana Grace Frost is brilliant in her ability to create a powerful and safe healing container, so that the most vulnerable parts of the self can be revealed and transformed to their full potential. Her assessment skill is profoundly efficient and comprehensive, allowing for swift and graceful results within each session. She helped me crack the code on a lifetime issue that has brought incredible relief to my body, mind and heart. The first session she told me to allow a miracle, and I got one in no time at all. Treat yourself to this gifted healer!

                                  I feel like a newer version – a lighter version of who I have been. More responsive and less reactionary, more joyful and peaceful. Thank you so very much. My time with you has renewed me and brought me back to life!

                                  You’re a gem, Quiana! I’m so grateful for our time together. You are a brilliant facilitator, focusing on the positive, expanding me into the light. I feel so inspired as you help me tone and stretch my body, mind and spirit. Plus, you have rhythmic and gentle transitions allowing your influence to resonate for profound shifts. You do profound work! I feel so honored and so seen. Your wisdom is such a gift. Thank you!

                                  You’re such a brilliant healer, masterful. You do magnificent healing work. You’re the real deal!  You’ve gotten to things that no one has been able to touch. I think I’ve been waiting my whole life to get this cleared. It’s as if the light was turned on and things are now crisp and clear. Thank-you doesn’t come close enough to expressing my gratitude.

                                  Quiana is a master healer.  She elegantly assists me to make significant shifts in my life, clearing and releasing deep issues I’ve struggled with for as long as I can recall.  She brings in light, ease and grace. I feel more myself than ever before. I highly recommended her and this powerful work!

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