CI Level IV Practitioners

Barbara Musser

  • Grass Valley, CA
  • Phone: 707-280-9662
    Info: Seeing clients at 1320 Industrial Ave., Suite L, Petaluma, CA 94952
    Practitioner since 2003, will work remotely by phone or Skype

    I began with CI as a way to deepen my own healing many years after I completed cancer treatment. Along the way I discovered that I have a gift for helping others to open themselves to the potential for healing and transformation through Core Individuation. CI is the keystone to my work. It is my privilege to witness as people commit to their own growth and transformation. I love how this important body of wisdom, healing and transformation continues to evolve.
    CI is the keystone to my work. It is my greatest pleasure to stand as witness as people commit to their own growth and transformation and I grow from every encounter with every client. I consider myself a lifelong student of CI and love how this important body of wisdom, healing and transformation continues to evolve.
    My vision as a healer is to see, celebrate and further evoke the highest expression of being and living, for each of my clients. I work with many clients with cancer in all stages from diagnosis through treatment and after treatment.

    Barbara and I began working together when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. She supported me in making treatment decisions that were right for me and worked with me throughout treatment. My medical team said they hadn’t seen such a fast and easy recovery as mine and I know this work was a big part of that. I’m grateful and recommend Barbara highly.

    Barbara helped me enormously to recover from cancer treatments. I did several half-day intensives with her and they were fabulous. With her help I’m feeling whole, healed and able to fully participate in my life.

    Working with Barbara has expanded, hastened and deepened my ability to transform. Barbara is a change maker and has the power to imbue her clients with the ability to be the same. Every day, I am reminded of how Barbara catalyzed the heart opening that changed my life and taught me the ability to witness myself so completely that I can acknowledge myself with ever-increasing dimension. All of my personal and professional relationships have improved dramatically. And I am having the best romantic relationship of my life.

    I worked with Barbara as a client intensely for two years. She met me in every nuance of my being. There was no place I went that she could not follow and help me navigate through. Of all the many internal and external skills she taught me, the one I value the most is the ability to gracefully and profoundly deconstruct and reconstruct myself to allow for change that frees me to operate from the essence of my being. Learning to come apart and come back together, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually has allowed me to grow in ways I only dreamed, well honestly, I never dreamed, possible. I learned to change without rendering myself dysfunctional.

    I work as a Medical Intuitive and Healer. In the time I have known Barbara, I have gone from working in a group practice to starting my own solo practice, which quickly built up a two-year waiting list. Now, I am also writing and developing a teaching career with the dedicated intent to reach and assist more people by multiple means. I have experienced lifetimes worth of growth in a few years with Barbara’s help and dedication. Working with Barbara is like entering a palace where each room is richer than the last and everything in heaven and earth becomes available to you. Whatever your concern or quest, partnering with Barbara will insure your success.

      David Kitts, L.Ac.

    • San Clemente, Corte Madera & Fairfax, CA
    • Phone: 415-269-0885
      Info: CI Practitioner since 2000, working remotely by phone, Skype and Facetime

      I am a natural healer. Yet I am not the source of my talent. It comes through me, I get out of the way and I partner with you to help you move through challenges and release trauma. My gift is to help you uncover the gifts that seem to be hidden in your wounds.

      As an acupuncturist by training, I have to be accurate applying my skill. Being an artist by nature, I am inspired to do my work through touch, movement, images and vibrations (sound, color, temperature etc).

      I’m inspired by the Core Individuation idea that Core awareness is not constrained by our our personal history or circumstances. I’m grateful for the primary gift of CI: that this Core awareness can be applied without any personal agenda from the outermost membrane or edge of our energy-body structure, creating a compassionate and truly safe container for healing.

      By focusing attention/awareness together on what appears to be true about you, we can find the texture, temperature, and most importantly the accurate location of the energy pattern that is temporarily out of harmony with your true nature. Accurately locating the trauma in your sacred anatomy is key because it allows you to completely accept your condition exactly as it is. Listening to that energy pattern together with unconditional compassion gives your energy structure the option of seeing that the wound you have been experiencing contains a gift.

      That gift is the perception that your true nature was always there holding you, accepting even your pain. When you accept that nothing was wrong about your wound, then together we can feel the old energy pattern change and move out of your structure from the locations it was held. Then your gifts can flower in your life because they are not constrained by your resistance to pain.

      If it is right for you to work with me, you will be drawn to me somehow. If you are, I look forward to the dance we will create together as we uncover and nourish your magnificent divine nature!

        Lorin Kaufman, MCAT, BC-DTR

      • Sonoma & Marin County, CA
      • Phone: 415-798-6531
        Info: Working in Marin and Sonoma Counties, and remotely by phone

        For the past 30 years much of my professional work has focused on healing the deep divisions in our local and global community by re-affirming our common humanity through the developmentment and implementation of educational and therapeutic programs in the arts.

        Through my profound experience as an apprentice under the brilliant and inspired guidance of Sacred Anatomy/ Core Individuation Founder and teacher, Desda Zuckerman, I have now sharpened and deepened my focus to support individuals in their desire to heal the unique needs of their own soul, and provide partnership in a new paradigm for health and well being.

        My approach is to hold each individual with compassion and gentleness, in a non-judgmental way that allows the journey towards wholeness to be experienced with safety, and wonder, allowing for a true and deep integration of the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of the authentic self.

        I can think of no greater honor than to support the courageous desire to live a full life of meaning and passion, in a way that brings light and magic not only to our own lives but to the world around us.

        Lorin is one of the most gifted practitioners I’ve had the honor of working with.  I feel I have finally found someone I consider to be a true healer.  The integrity and authentically deep caring Lorin brings to every one of our sessions has me believing I am the luckiest person in the world to be one of her clients.  I know there are no better hands to be in than hers!

        Lorin is an exceptional healer.
        I have to say, (and not exaggerating) that I have had the most profound healing experience I have had in my session with her. Lorin’s ability to bring insight from “the other realm” into my healing of the day-to day was extraordinary.  She has changed who I am and my relationship to my father forever. Thank you for your skill and healing ability.

          Regina Schulman, M.Ed., LCMT, NCTMB

        • Andover, MA
        • Phone: 978-985-4696 (Cell), 978 686-0099 (Work)
          Info: Seeing clients at 451 Andover Street, Suite 110, North Andover, MA  01845, and Infinity Farm, 261 Salem Street, Andover, MA  01810
          CI Practitioner since 2006, working remotely by phone and Skype

          Since 1998, Regina Schulman has specialized in chronic pain management and cancer care with over 25,000 hours of combined clinical practice, teaching, and study. She aspires to be an instrument of change in allopathic medicine from a fear-based model to a self-empowerment model. Regina volunteers in hospitals, nursing homes and private residences offering post-operative, palliative and hospice patient care as part of her community service.

          Regina provides, using CoreIndividuation™ principles and techniques, the awareness that we are more than who we think we are…we are more than just a physical body.  This awareness can help others place chronic pain and illness of the physical body into a more balanced perspective. By offering qualified support and safe effective guidance, Regina supports clients and students in taking charge of their holistic health and authenticity.  She welcomes individuals who desire to be fully involved in their own healing.

          I have found the CoreIndividuation™ treatments with Regina to be a positive complement to the conventional cancer treatment I receive as well as an effective method of countering the negative side effects of that treatment.  Her capabilities are superb.

          Although cancer is never something one welcomes into her life, I will forever be grateful to Regina for her tremendous help in negotiating the pain, surgery and treatments.

            Rhona Post, MA MCC CCIP

          • Sarasota, FL
          • Phone: 941 554-8466
            Info: Seeing clients in Sarasota, FL
            Practitioner since 2010, working remotely by phone and Skype

            Healer Coaching is the evolution of more than 25 years of study and practice in leadership development, from the inside out. Combining the foundation of somatic (mind/body) coaching that fosters wholeness, with the deeply spiritual practices of mindfulness and energy healing, Healer Coaching supports clients to access their own innate wisdom.
            As a result, clients re-frame their conduct-their thoughts, speech and actions, viewing themselves and others with greater compassion and kindness.

            The work you do is sacred. You keep it pure and deep and real

            Whatever you did by helping me remove this negative energy has totally transformed my relationship with my husband, not only sexually, but in every way

            I am feeling so much better; almost giddy and lighthearted after the last few days of doing my mantra’s and forgiveness meditations. I feel so much happier and more detached from the story.

              Sheridan Gates

            • Washington, DC
            • Phone: (202) 253-3523
              Website: Purpose At Work , Coaching & Consulting (
              Info: Located in Washington, DC

              ”My work as a coach, healer and trainer is to support deep inner change,
              healing and growth. I assist clients in accessing their core life energy -
              learning to liberate themselves from beliefs and patterns that limit their
              possibilities and power. Clients create visions and pathways that enliven
              them and deepen their sense of meaning and fulfillment.”
              - Sheridan Gates

                Suzanne Zeman, M.S.C.

              • Richmond, CA
              • Phone: (510) 524-7620
                Info: CI Practitioner since 2008
                Seeing clients in Richmond, CA.
                Working remotely by phone and Skype

                Suzanne has been delivering, designing, and producing education, consulting and coaching to bring about change and innovation for over 30 years. She has considerable experience managing, training and coaching high performing teams. Suzanne translates complex theories and ideas into action, and has worked with executives and teams in private industry, the public sector, and non-profit organizations, with individuals and groups as large as 300. She has traveled widely and brings a multicultural perspective to her work.

                Suzanne began her career as a research scientist, having received her BS in Chemistry from Rutgers University and her MS in Chemistry from Tufts, where she studied as an NDEA IV Fellow. Additional post-graduate work included completing the 3-year Ontological Design Course with Dr. Fernando Flores, certification as an ontological coach, several years training in Somatics and Leadership with Dr. Richard Strozzi-Heckler, and training and apprenticeship with Desda Zuckerman. She is a certified master somatic coach and certified CoreIndividuation ™ practitioner.

                “If you are working with me, together we reveal limitations or places where you may be contracted in your physical structure, mental models and interpretations, emotional reactions, and expression of spirit. I will help you see what’s missing and design practices for you to expand your range of what’s possible. With continuous practice, new actions will become natural, conversations that you didn’t know how to have will be easier, and your desired future will emerge. I am dedicated to help you achieve profound joy, accomplishment and fulfillment. ”

                - Suzanne Zeman

                  Tim DeSutter

                • Andover, MA
                • Phone: (978) 806-6012
                  Website: Infinity Healing Group, Andover MA
                  Info: Seeing clients in Andover MA, and remote by phone and Skype

                  "My goal is to help clients experience the inter-connectedness of all things, not as a concept but as a reality. When people develop a greater sense of self and purpose, it awakens in them a willingness to live and learn from the stance that all things are possible and attainable. By tapping into their personal power and capabilities, clients are able to step into new ways of being that may have seemed impossible in the past."
                  - Tim DeSutter

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