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Desda Zuckerman, founder of Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine  has worked with thousands of clients since the 1990s when she officially started practicing. Now, she travels internationally, speaking and teaching about the sacred anatomy that she spent 45 years mapping. Her book, Your Sacred Anatomy is fast becoming the primer for energy workers all over the globe.

Desda offers healing sessions designed for sensitive spiritual seekers and advanced healers in the midst of major inflection points in their life and practice. Listening to your sacred anatomy, Desda will work with you to understand and clarify what you need to accomplish – a transformational shift out of a stuck place or a step through a new doorway into greater authentic expression. As the founder of Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine, Desda’s commitment to loving support is uniquely informed by her extraordinary understanding of the anatomy of the subtle structure, her finely honed intuition, and her capacity to witness us all as divine co-creators with the infinite.

Because of her extensive commitments, Desda is primarily focusing her attention on writing, teaching, and speaking. At this time only a limited number of private appointments for distance and in person healing sessions are available. If you are interested in working with a master, please book your session today.

The fee is $450 for an appointment in 2019.  Continuing work has real benefits, and you and Desda can assess when and if you might schedule additional sessions.  You can also get started with any of our certified practitioners, just click here to visit our practitioner pages – 

Desda is available for intensive personal and professional evolutionary development.

Questions will be answered by email. Put: Appointment Questions in the email subject line and include your phone number in the email.

Please contact us at

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