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A new online course with Desda Zuckerman

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Webinar – In this fascinating hour, Desda is interviewed by Stephen Dinan.  She speaks about her own healing journey, her life’s work, and offers practices you can use to turn empathetic sensitivities into an ally in building strength, confidence and purpose in your life.  The webinar is free and will introduce you to a new way of being in the world

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Hosted by the Shift Network and Lisa Bonnice.

In advance of her new course with the Shift Network, Desda responds to live questions for an hour – all about healing, being an empath, and learning to live an authentic and fulfilled life.

Desda’s recent online course (Beyond your Energy Body) is available for anytime learning –
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Dear Friends,

I’ve been thinking about you and our upcoming Shift Network class, Reclaiming Your Empathic Power! I’m so glad you will be joining me and I know we will have an amazing journey together.

I was guided to create an extended 7-week, experiential healing event. One that would permanently, without trauma or pain, move you away from attitudes, beliefs or mental constructs that have kept you trapped and hidden away from your own power, from the world and from a happier life.

Hypersensitivity is a real issue for empaths, psychics, sensitives and intuitives alike. Overwhelm and overload, combined with the legitimate fear of people and what their energy might cost you, defines the anguish you as a truly sensitive individual may struggle with— this can be approached and worked with energetically. This same issue, that MANY sensitive people experience must be approached energetically, physically, psychologically, spiritually and emotionally to truly resolve long held habits. The holistic work of Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicne, my healing modality, does exactly this.

• After defining your Larger Issue
• We will dive into three subtle systems, understand what they do and where your issue is lodged in the sacred anatomy.
• The energy will build as you focus on your defining empathic issue and heal how it is held in the Bones of Light- Module 1, the Layers- Module 2, and the Blended Energies (13 Chakras) System- Module 3.
• Look from different vantage points at the ways you have learned to contract, to hold yourself back and to make yourself small AND unpack your subtle anatomy! Get rid of the issue once and for all while learning who you are energetically, what you are capable of and how powerful you actually are!
• In our final class- Module 4 learn a daily self care routine that can keep you strong, vital, solid and hold on to the cumulative healing you have experienced!

I created this course for you, my friends, the deep feeling, open hearted spirits who are incredibly beautiful and often so hampered by your own awareness. Remove your Obscuration, release a sticky Life Pattern and finally let go of a Soul Path Congestion that has defined who you are.

Blessings and love to you all,




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