IB 1803 Oak

Two Day Interactive Training

Join Jeannie McKenzie and Michaela McGivern for this life changing weekend workshop

Saturday & Sunday, March 17 & 18

10:00 AM to 4:00 PM each day

Oakland, CA

Jeannie McKenzie

Jeannie McKenzie


Jeannie has the most amazing resume. She trained as a mime and a clown, teaches music to children, is a goat farmer who makes blue ribbon cheeses, is an accomplished violinist who plays with the grace of a Chi Gung teacher, which she also is… In fact, Jeannie is well underway developing CoreGung- a movement series based on the sacred anatomy. A sensitive and intuitive healer Jeannie is trained in Cranial Sacral therapy, Sound Healing, Chi Nei Tsang and she is a certified Barefoot Shiatsu Teacher. A true renaissance woman, Jeannie fell in love with CoreIndividuation in 2013 and the only course for her was Practitionership and mastery. Her instinctive curiosity and love of humanity brings light and love to every healing interaction. For her, healing is a spiritual endeavor and a longtime meditation practice informs her transformational work. To spend time with Jeannie is to glimpsing the blended world of natural magic and human expertise she inhabits.


Michaela McGivern

Michaela McGivern



Michaela took to CI like a duck to water in 2013. Her then boyfriend (now husband) signed her up for the entire course of study without even asking her! He felt the resonance between this body of knowledge and Michaela so vividly and he was right! She jumped in with the enthusiasm of remembered association and lifetimes of study and within a year was certified as a practitioner. Michaela begin her healer’s journey over 30 years ago as an Occupational Therapist. Over the years she has expanded her palette to include sound healing, numerous energy healing methods and shamanic training to name just a few. Her understanding of CI is deeply held and she brings the wisdom of 30+ years of experience to her personal understanding of this work.


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