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Awakening the Illuminated Body

One Day Interactive Training

Join Desda Zuckerman in Boise Idaho for this life changing  workshop

Saturday, April 28

10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

1909 N. 10th Street, Boise, Idaho 83702

Desda Zuckerman

Desda Zuckerman


Desda has made a life long study of the subtle energy surrounding all things.  In the case of us humans, the subtle energy does not only “surround” us, it IS us!  What do we make of this paradigm shifting way of looking at ourselves and how we make our impact on the world?  The first steps are provided in this jewel of a weekend initiation into a whole new way of perceiving reality.

Accomplished healer, author, speaker and teacher, Desda will introduce you to a practical and grounded spiritual approach that you can really use.  A practical way to live with appropriate boundaries, yet still come from the place of compassion and intimacy.  Not just for healers, but for anyone who interacts with other people (that’s everyone…)



Zan LeCourt


Zan is a long time Boise resident and a student and Certified Practitioner of Desda’s work.

She is known locally for her fierce skills as a massage therapist, body worker, and energy healing practitioner.

Zan is supporting Desda in creating and promoting this event, and she is ecstatic to be sharing CoreIndividuation with the Boise community.





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  • Only $185 to introduce this work to Boise Idaho
  • Save $20! Only $$165 with the Early Bird Discount
  • To receive your EB discount, your balance must be paid in full by 4/12/18
  • Note: Snacks are provided, Meals and Lodging not included
  • This special discounted offering is a one day workshop.
  • The full two day course is offered in Northern California frequently throughout the year.

Email – info@yoursacredanatomy.com