IB 1805 Sausalito

Two Day Interactive Training

Join Colleen Lindstrom for this life changing weekend workshop

Saturday & Sunday, May 19 – 20, 2018

10:00 AM to 4:00 PM each day

The Life Studio – 3020 Bridgeway, Suite 103
Sausalito, CA 95965

Learn how to apply the illuminated Body Edge Practice in your life to prevent burnout, increase sensitivity without multiplying energetic vulnerability or toxicity and put an end to bad habits of losing boundaries and merging! This is the gold standard of how to live and work as an energetically awakened person.

Colleen Lindstrom, DC


Colleen is a gifted Network Chiropractor and Craniosacral Therapist who specializes in working with children.  Introduced to CoreIndividuation just a few years ago, Colleen is now a certified CI Practitioner and Illuminated Body Instructor.

Colleen brings a rare combination of technical expertise and deep insight along with a fresh and unbridled enthusiasm for life and healing.  Her offices in Sausalito and Point Reyes display the sense of spaciousness and balance that she brings to her work.  Colleen is just beginning her teaching journey in January, and you are hereby invited to a magical experience!




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  • Note: Meals and Lodging not included

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