Illuminate! August 18

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Divine Creative Source lives within every cell, every thought, and every inspired opportunity.  Join me online or in person for a special summer offering August 18th in collaboration with the marvelous Intentional Creativity expert and artist, Shiloh Sophia.

When I met Shiloh I knew I had met a soul sister who sees and feels this same potent energy flowing in, around, and through every single one of us.  We have created a day-long online class with the option to be there in person just for YOU! Come have fun and fly free while you release your creative spirit—

Paint out your Sacred Anatomy truth and heal blockages to a more fulfilled life.

In joyous thanksgiving I invite you from the bottom of my heart to come fly with Shiloh and I as we explore the mysteries of the subtle anatomy and with open hearts set our intentions together to create in ILLUMINATE!

Watch this Video!

Desda and Shiloh talk about their new collaboration

What you may experience in ILLUMINATE!

  • Guests will create two paintings – one of your sacred anatomy and a map of your greater mind.
  • Bring ideas you are working with in your life that you would love to receive illumination around.
  • Shed some light around what is hidden in your psyche – what’s in there?
  • You will have a greater capacity and tools to access the whole mind and heart and awaken your sacred anatomy through awareness.
  • Increased awareness about the structure of subtle body and how to work with it in the future including practices to continue the work beyond the class.
  • Identifying and clearing patterns that have been trapped.
  • Tools you can use going forward to have greater access to your genius.
  • Support for two weeks with questions and painting process.

Shiloh and her team have created a beautiful web page to describe the class, and it truly demonstrates the deep spiritual and artistic nature of her painting and her teaching.

Please click here to learn more! 

Love and light,


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