Illuminated Body, February 2018

Two Day Interactive Training

Join Desda Zuckerman and Quiana Grace Frost for this life changing weekend workshop

Saturday & Sunday, February 24 – 25

10:00 AM to 4:00 PM each day

Our First Illuminated Body in Santa Cruz CA!

580 Glen Canyon, Santa Cruz, CA

Learn how to apply the illuminated Body Edge Practice in your life to prevent burnout, increase sensitivity without multiplying energetic vulnerability or toxicity and put an end to bad habits of loosing boundaries and merging! This is the gold standard of how to live and work as an energetically awakened person.

Desda Zuckerman

Desda has made a life long study of the subtle energy surrounding all things.  In the case of us humans, the subtle energy does not only “surround” us, it IS us!  What do we make of this paradigm shifting way of looking at ourselves and how we make our impact on the world?  The first steps are provided in this jewel of a weekend initiation into a whole new way of perceiving reality.

Accomplished healer, author, speaker and teacher, Desda will introduce you to a practical and grounded spiritual approach that you can really use.  A practical way to live with appropriate boundaries, yet still come from the place of compassion and intimacy.  Not just for healers, but for anyone who interacts with other people (that’s everyone…)

Quiana Grace Frost

Quiana Grace Frost

After a lifetime in the healing arts as healer, mentor and workshop leader, Quiana credits her study of CI as imbuing new life into all of the “things” she has learned along the way.  A true catalyst, Quiana has a gift for creating a way forward to fuller expression, and we’re fortunate to have her representing CI by introducing new students to the fundamentals – being in relationship with your own greater self, your Sacred Anatomy.

Join certified CI Practitioner and Illuminated Body Instructor Quiana Grace Frost for our first ever Illuminated Body training in Santa Cruz, CA!




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