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Free Webinar with The Shift Network

September 22, 2018, 10:00 AM PST, and recorded for later viewing.

Desda will be teaching a seven-week course at Shift (Online!!) and introducing it with a free webinar on 9/22/18.  The topic is the Four Aspects, your subtle anatomy board of directors.  Gain an initiation into these mysteries, introduce yourself to the Four Aspects, and get a seat at the table.

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Desda & Shiloh Sophia

On April 4, 2018, Desda sat down with Shiloh Sophia at her studio in Sonoma, CA.  Shiloh is a renowned artist and teacher of creative self expression through painting.  They entered into a far ranging conversation about authentic living and Desda’s unique and paradigm shifting anatomical approach to these eternal issues.

The course was phenomenal according to all who attended in person and online.  They discussed their collaboration in the second video below

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Interview with Annie LaForest

At the 2015 IIIHS Conference in Montreal, we met the great French Quebec interviewer Annie LaForest and her husband Pierre.  In this interview she speaks with Desda about her book and her work.  For all of or French speaking friends, the interview was translated by the talented Paul Siles, on leave to IIIHS from the UN!

Invitation to Desda’s Keynote – IIIHS Conference, 8/13/16

On August 13 2016, Desda spoke at the 41st annual IIIHS conference on Science and Spirituality in Montreal Canada.  In her talk she described the features of the subtle anatomy that puts us each in contact with the entirety of Humanity.  Connection to the Divine, to Humanity and to our most Authentic Nature, the subtle anatomy is the entry point to all these and more.

Desda returns to Montreal and the IIIHS conference again this year, she will be speaking on Tuesday, 8/15/17
Check the conference web site for details

Learn more about IIIHS at their website,


Invitation to Desda’s Workshop at IIIHS Conference, 8/16/16

Learn the 21st century paradigm for how to work with energy, through skillful use of the “Edge” of your sacred anatomy. Stop merging; stop burning out; increase your sensitivity; work longer hours with more energy; establish a safe and hygienic boundary with clients and family; experience greater compassion in difficult situations. This experiential workshop is fun, fast moving and full of information that will benefit your work in the world and your daily life.
So come and “Meet your Edge!”

Desda returns to Montreal and the IIIHS conference again this year.
She will be teaching a full day workshop, on Wednesday August 16, 2017.

To learn more and register for the workshop, please click here.

ISSSEEM Conference Keynote, August 2015

In both June 2014 and 2015, Desda Zuckerman delivered a Keynote Address at the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM) Annual Conference on Science and Spirituality – Sponsored by Holos University and Dr. Norm Shealey.
Here is her 2015 talk, “Your Sacred Anatomy, A Gateway to Transformation”

Suzanne Zeman speaks about Desda’s Influence on her Work

Margina Allegria interviewed CI Practitioner Suzanne Zeman way back in 2013.  I re-discovered this video today and am excited to add it to our youtube channel and to the website.

Suzanne is a Senior Somatic Coach working with C Level executives across the country.  Hear what she has to say…

Biophoton Conference, April 17, 2016

Desda addressed an international group of Biophoton practitioners on Sunday 4/17/16.  The subject of her talk was “Using your Subtle Anatomy to End Electromagnetic Merging”.

Many in the healing profession suffer from ‘burnout’ or ‘compassion fatigue’, limiting their ability to contribute their gifts. Reverend Zuckerman trains her students to work from an anatomical place, the edge of the Human Energy Structure, thereby preserving the body’s energy, and providing a safe, compassionate and sustainable posture.
Desda was introduced by Gen Zorich and Dr. Jane Ferris, two Biophoton practitioners in the SF Bay Area who have been studying Desda’s methods. They briefly testified to the difference her training has made to their ability to work more effectively.

 Keynote at Story University ‘Un-Conference’ – October 11, 2015

On Sunday, 10/11/15, Desda Zuckerman delivered a keynote for Story University at the Nasdaq Center in San Francisco.
Story U trains people to speak authentically about their work. Desda takes this to another level as she redefines what it means to be ‘authentic’ – encompassing all of the subtle anatomy that reaches twenty feet in each direction around all of us. Bringing all of that to the party represents a new paradigm for self expression.


 Awakening the Nine Levels of Sensing

The ‘Cadillac’ of CI classes was taught again this year (November 2015) in collaboration with Senior Practitioner Lorin Kaufman.

This amazing workshop may not be held again until 2017.  Instead, from November 13 – 19 of 2016, Desda and Lorin will debut “The Thirteen Gateways to the Soul”, an exploration of the energy of the chakras.

Watch the testimonials taken onsite at Nine Levels


Desda and Lorin discuss the class here:

Invitation to Illuminated Body for Professional Healers.

Desda describes the Illuminated Body workshop, and is joined by Level I Practitioner Samantha Russell who describes the impact the content of this course has had on her professional and personal life.

Invitation to Energetic Hygiene for Professional Healers

Desda describes the Energetic Hygiene workshop.  She is joined by CI Samantha Russell, who describes the impact this workshop has had on her professional and personal life.

Invitation to the Friday Anatomy Classes

We’ve begun to add Desda’s public events to online bulletin boards, like and  To introduce Desda’s Friday Anatomy Class at Unity in Marin to these sites,  we created a short video featuring Desda, Jeannie McKenzie, Nancy Randall and Collette McCullen.  It’s only 2.5 minutes, check it out!  It’s on our new youtube channel, Your Sacred Anatomy

Pract Chat with Samantha Russell

Our first video Pract Chat!  Desda interviews Level I CI Practitioner Samantha Russel.

Awakening the Nine Levels of Sensing

Here Desda speaks about how excited she is about the upcoming class, the first she has taught since 2008!  if you have completed Illuminated Body and Energetic Hygiene, you are eligible to attend.

Energy Medicine for Medical Professionals

How can medical/healing professionals expand their effectiveness and capacity by incorporating the foundational techniques of working with energy that Desda Zuckerman discusses in this interview?  Is this the future of medicine?  Meet a few people who think so.  Here Desda is in conversation with Samantha Russell, CI practitioner and Psychologist.

Protection vs. Discernment

Do you feel as if you are attacked?  Do you need to protect yourself from the energies around you?  Here’s a new way of looking at this old zero sum game…  discernment.

Interview with Robin White Turtle Lysne

On April 15, 2015 Desda recorded a series of audio interviews with Robin White Turtle Lysne, the first of which was aired on her internet radio show the following day.
The interview can now be found on To listen, click here

Interview with Beth Cosmos

In March 2015 Desda was interviewed by Beth Cosmos for Star Nations Magazine.
Beth Cosmos is the founder of Ama-Deus International, is an international teacher of shamanistic wisdom who has studied with indigenous healers in Brazil and Peru. You can click here to visit Beth’s website:
The interview was conducted for the April edition of Star Nations Magazine,

We’ve got the interview up on our new youtube channel, Your Sacred Anatomy

The Four Aspects of the Authentic Self

Meet the board of directors; the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of your true nature, an actual part of your subtle anatomy.

Interview with Cari Alter

Cari is a dear friend, teacher and healer.  She dispenses her wisdom on her website and blogs –  Cari’s  partner is David Kitts, one of Desda’s very first apprentices, an acupuncturist, and founder of the Fairfax Wellness Center –

click here to see the interview

Past Media Events:

-May 14th 2013, Planetary Spirit airs “Live”

Listen “LIVE” on ETIN (Emerson Talk & Info. Network) – Tue & Thur 1-2 PM Eastern
Click on to listen “Live”Planetary Spirit airs “Live” twice a week and offers in-depth (spiritual not religious) interviews.  The link to the interview is no longer available – Jeff’s website:

– April 10, 2013

Interview on Frankie Boyer’s Health and Wellness radio show at 9AM PST – Frankie is in MA and broadcasts in the Boston area. Here is the link to the site where the interview will stream live Tune In!

– April 9, 2013 

Interview on Frankie Boyer’s Health and Wellness radio show at 9AM PST – Frankie is in MA and broadcasts in the Boston area. Here is the link to the site where the interview will stream live Tune In!! GET the mp3

– April 5 – XZone Radio  – (Interview)

Internationally Syndicated – Show airs 3 times! – Approx. 40- minute interview – Also on Apple iTunes and
Airs in Canada, the U.S., Central America, the Caribbean, South America, the Pacific Rim, Australia, Asia, India, Africa &
Link to the interview with him is here –

– March 30th 2013, 1:00pm CST (Interview with Danielle Lin) 

Danielle Lin, “Art & Science of Living”, Syndicated Radio – Syndicated to 7 stations including KSRO Radio in Bay Area. Also available worldwide via podcast.  The link to the interview is no longer available.

– March 14, 2013 (Interview with Frankie Boyer) 

Frankie’s website – You can listen to Frankie’s popular Lifestyle Show everyday at 11 AM on”  The link to the interview is no longer available.

– March 4, 2013—6pm EST (Interview with Darien Marshall)

It’s All About You with Darien Marshall of Blog Talk Radio- Darien and Desda had so much fun the last time they talked they are doing it again! Don’t miss it!  Link to the interview is no longer available.

– March 4 – IRIE Radio 9:40am EST- (Interview)

IRIE Radio with Bulldog on The Rude Awakening Show
Ocean City Maryland Radio 98.1FM – Live Phone Interview Morning Show, Listenership: 380,000. Airs in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, New Jersey and the Internet. Receives calls from all over the world including Russia.  Link to the interview is no longer available.

– Feb. 28, 2013—1pm EST – IN THE SPIRIT with Gary Goldberg – Live Phone Interview

Airs on WRPI-91.5 FM Station in Troy, N.Y. Heard in parts of Vermont, Massachusetts and New York. Also heard “live” on the Internet  Link to the interview is no longer available.

– February 2, 2013, 2:30pm to 5pm (Book Signing)

BOOK SIGNING for Your Sacred Anatomy: An Owner’s Guide to the Human Energy Structure. Meet local Marin author Desda Zuckerman and awaken your subtle anatomy!
Book signing at Muffin Mania 2 Bayview St San Rafael, CA (end of B Street in San Rafael)

– January 14-25 2013, Cancer Telesummit

From January 14-25, Desda Zuckerman will be one of the 20 experts speaking at the Cancer Telesummit. The Expertsshared their wisdom, experience and love to help listeners get to the root of how to begin to feel whole, happy and healthy right now. When you start to feel whole health and happy, you can create anything in your life and the world. The link to the talk is no longer available

– January 16, 2013 at 12 P.M. PST  (Interview)

Desda interviewed by Matthew Welsh of about her new book.

– January 17, 2013 at 1 P.M. PST  (Interview)

January 17, 2013 at 1 pm Pacific Time, 2 pm Denver Time, 4 pm (Eastern Time)
Desda was interviewed by Faith Ranoli of Heart and Home Healing (
Link to the interview no longer available

– January 2 2013 (Interview)

Radio Show – Darien Marshall interviews Desda Zuckerman about her new book, Your Sacred Anatomy – Click Here to hear the Radio show

– December 16, 2012, 4:00pm4:30pm (Interview)

Sunday streaming live interview at -Talking to Cyrus A. Webb about the new book! The interview broadcasting nationally 4pm PST and 7pm EST
Click here to hear a copy of the show (MP3)