Announcing Sacred Anatomy Mercantile!

Beautiful artistic representations of the Sacred Anatomy on T-shirts, mugs, bags, leggings, wall hangings and more!


Here are just a few examples of the items you’ll find at our web store

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Lots of colors and sizes


Our Images

Based on Desda’s drawings of the Sacred Anatomy she sees around all living things, these images are artistic anatomical renderings.

Computer graphics by Kim Glass-Chu in collaboration with Shira Dagit

Here are our three product lines:

Divine Light

A powerful sunburst portrait of the Human Energy Structure shows how Divine Light emanates from the interior of the subtle body out into the universe.

We are Divine Light!

The Soul Pathway

Activate the Incoming Soul Pathways of your Sacred Anatomy with this beautiful design.

Individuated Core energies swirl wildly in the Soul Layer as they organize to form the incoming Soul Pathways of the 13 Chakras.

As the Soul Pathways pass through the Core at the center of your energy structure, they become Chakra Streams, directing your life and the unfolding of your soul’s purpose.

The Storytellers

The 8 Layers of your Sacred Anatomy tell the history of your soul’s evolution and experience. Everything you are and ever have been is written in the fabric of your subtle self.

Each Layer holds a unique and powerful story about who and what you are.

The Layers tell the story of your Soul

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