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Desda brings her teaching online!

Hello and Welcome!

I have been asked about online teaching for years, and this year we are making the transition.  We still have many local workshops and trainings, but for those who do not live in the San Francisco Bay Area, I am thrilled to be able to work with you online.

Below is a list of our current offerings, and each link to their own page (just click on the course title) with pricing, registration, and more information about the content.

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Solutions for Anxiety, Stress, and EMF Toxicity

                    Revolutionary Self Care for Real Life Problems

This is a fully interactive, six week live course, June & July 2019.  Registration now open!

Learn real solutions – not tricks or products, but practices that build your capacity working with technology, being with people who challenge you, finding ways to give your valuable attention to what matters to you (and not be distracted), and so much more! You will do this by strengthening your subtle anatomy’s resilience and ability to filter out what is not helpful while ushering in what is.

Love, Lineage & Legacy

                   Healing your Ancestral Line

Bring present the love, lineage and legacy that you have received from your ancestral lines – heal it and pass it on to your descendants in a way that is right and authentic to you.

Anytime transformational learning.

A Conscious Goodbye 

Are you feeling regret, sadness or unsettled about having
lost a family member or someone you love?

What if you could reach across the veils of time and space, say what’s in your heart — and finally, really, let go?

Anytime transformational learning

Beyond Your Energy Body

                 Open to the Four Aspects of your Sacred Anatomy


This seven week interactive course aired on The Shift Network in 2018.  It is now available for anytime learing.

A beautiful meditative journey to the divine aspects of your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual self.  A magnificent anatomical reconception of your higher self, and how to interact, learn and lead on your own path.


And more to come this year!

Please watch this space for more online courses, webinars, & videos.

Reclaim your Empathic Power

Online with The Shift Network.  The live course began on March 20, 2019, registration is closed on April 9, but will be open again for anytime learning in May.  Click here to learn more.

Desda uses three systems of the Sacred Anatomy to reveal the clues to resolving one of your life’s largest personal issues.


In the Fall Desda will lead a 12 week online course based on the “Owner’s Guide”, the first section of her book.

Your Sacred Anatomy, an Owner’s Guide to the Human Energy Structure

This course will be streamed live weekly, with Q&A, a Facebook Group, and a class home page for additional resources.  Part anatomy, part experiential – Get to know the real you, much more than you thought.

Registration is not yet open



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