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The Missing Piece

Author: Desda Zuckerman

In the vast array of healing systedz_image_1ms, theories of engaging in subtle energies, and ancient and modern philosophies of how we function, the way to work is consistently overlooked.  It is almost as if it has not occurred to people that the healing practitioner needs not just to know what to do, with lots of information on specific techniques, but how to practice from a point of view that allows distance and space.

Most schools of healing thought from allopathic to Ayurvedic include abundant guidance on ethical behavior, rules of conduct, and techniques to help us keep professional distance.  Currently, in most countries there are laws and governing boards for standards of practice that dictate the accepted behavior for anyone who works in the healing arts.  In modern psychology and medicine the safety of the patient-practitioner relationship is held to be most sacred.  This point of view is considered to be the moral, ethical, legal and medically sound place to stand.  We actively address the right or wrong of our actions in healing work.  We address the good or bad technique, prescriptive, test or treatment, and the morality of our actions.  All these are important issues, and in fact, vital.  Yet they all come up short because there are many decisions still to be made and choices to be wrestled with which still do not tell us the way to work to establish distance, compassion and safety for all, during any interaction.

The substantial place where all of us have complete equality, safety and compassion is with our awareness at the rim of the entire Human Structure. Using the skin of our subtle anatomy called the Edge leads us to the answer of: how do we find the way to work?

Placing and holding awareness at the Edge, gives us a Stance in the world and an opportunity to inject into the moral, psychological, and scientific mix, a vantage point that includes the dynamic and vital human spirit in its most objective compassionate state.

This is not a religious system, but a humble offering and an addition to all that is currently understood about what human beings truly are.  The Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine technique of placing awareness at the Edge and taking a powerful stand in life brings a new and sorely needed understanding of what wholeness means for all of us.

Based on the anatomy of the Human Structure, which is bigger than the physical body, SAEM incorporates not just the spirit as idea and the soul as concept, but the dynamic function of these important parts of the human experience.

Through understanding that there is a more complete human anatomy and a larger even more vibrant Human Structure, we see ourselves as fundamentally creative beings no longer only observers but full participants of life.  We have become co-creators in partnership with Divine nature.  Not because of our intellectual and technical advancement alone, but because of the evolution of the understanding of the anatomy of the Human Structure, which is everything we are.  Spirit and technology meet in this place and share a new frontier of human potential.

The Moment of Shift: Extragenesis

Desda Zuckerman

“The souls of people, on their way to Earth-life, pass through a room full of lights; each takes a taper – often only a spark – to guide it in the dim country of this world. But some souls, by rare fortune, are detained longer – have time to grasp a handful of tapers, which they weave into a torch. These are the torchbearers of humanity – its poets, seers and saints, who lead and lift the race out of darkness, toward the light. They are the law-givers and saviors, the light-bringers, way-showers and truth-tellers, and without them, humanity would lose its way in the dark.”  ~Plato

Even the simplest understanding of growth and change requires accepting the idea of transformational shift. To interact with what is, to influence what will be in any meaningful way, requires a conscious awareness that a shift is possible. The tools of this interaction are focus and intention. How these tools are used to accomplish shift is the trick.

To track an energetic interaction with mental focus and intention and to facilitate for specific movement demands total availability to the moment of shift. We light bringers must know what will happen before it happens. To know this we must understand what force guides it, creates it, and delivers it. It is not enough to think about just the desired result or to rejoice in the belief that some change has already happened in a larger consciousness as a by-product of intended outcome. It is important to break the process down into steps to develop a clear understanding of what shift is, when it actually occurs and how to direct the ending. Declaring a result, wishing for an outcome, making it happen, using will, are types of focused intention. But the possibility of actually driving the end result occurs when we understand what is happening energetically; when we understand extragenesis.

We all experience everyday shifts of consciousness, from a sleeping state to a waking state, shifts of perceptual awareness from sad to happy, frustrated to relieved, shifts of attention from focused to blurry. Universally, change is constant. Less frequent are the more profound shifts of earth shaking realizations; the epiphany, the conversion, the experience of a dawning insight that changes a life path in a split second, the big ideas and discoveries, for example, “Oh my God, I’m pregnant!” or “ I will die someday, my body will stop breathing just like my grandpa’s.”

Each shift, no matter what level, packs its own wallop of emotional content, psychological trigger, physical intensity and spiritual depth, with no fundamental difference in the technology of how it happens.  It is the rising instant from one state to another that is the actual shift; the conception moving from a state of not pregnant to a state of pregnant. So it is with the awareness of I am not to I am pregnant.  Extragenesis occurs in the same way for a big shift or a little shift.

Extragenesis means, before or above the beginning.  It is a term I retrieved from deep meditation in 2001, to describe the characteristics and qualities of the moment of the shift from one condition to another.  Shifting states of consciousness influenced by something: a force, an in-breath, a Creation-driven thought, which defines and, in fact, gives birth to the next thing.  Extragenesis is the moment of the shift when the energy becomes something else, and change happens.

It is a word which names the moment of shift that occurs as the spark of life transforms from one thing to another, not just energetically, but in material reality.  The action of Extragenesis is change that arises in the instant of self-awareness. The thing that is shifting from one energetic state to another is expressing life and a kind of innate intelligence. This is the intelligence of life force, of even in an inanimate object, the basic energy of creation. Extragenesis speaks to the potential and the power of life itself by summing up in a single word transformative movement as it happens. It gives the dignified status of common miracle to the action of that movement in it instead of after the fact. It names the opportunity to climb inside the event of the shift and creates the room to influence it. We  can understand that we influence what is by doing so.

A derivative, descriptive word: extragenic, can be used to define the action in movement affected by Extragenesis.  This would be: extragenic energy. This is not a new type of energy, but a way to describe what is happening to the energy that is moving through Extragenesis.  The word extragenic, describes that which has the potential to be worked with through focused intention and it is charged energy available for shift.  Once Extragenesis is experienced, this energy shows its availability, its intelligence has a presence and so it becomes malleable which is extragenic.  It is ready and can be worked with for the purposes of movement and transformation.

Sacred Anatomy is a philosophy and healing modality that applies the principle of Extragenesis for the benefit of all and the harm of none.

An Extragenic Partnership with the Stuff of Life

Desda Zuckerman

Primal Extragenesis describes the inspiration that arose as intentional focus in the Source; the moment before the spark of creation burst into flame. Extragenesis is the result of the primal friction of inspiration and idea. Inspiration as breath and idea as in “I AM.”  Tapping into the moment of self-awakening within every second that is gives us an introduction to the primary identity of the conscious universe.

The first three stanzas of Genesis are:
“In the beginning God created the heaven and earth.
And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
And God said let there be light; and there was light …”

From this statement arises the suggestion that there was something, an impulse, or a shift.  In the language of this ancient text, “…God created the heaven and earth”. There was an emerging out of the void before the beginning. Does this not suggest that pure spirit, or inspiration preceded creation?  Might the instant before creation be identified as thought and as such become in itself a vital event, an Extragenesis?

The action of focused thought preceding a formed idea within the Source or void, as it moves toward action is Extragenesis.  Producing a result and ultimately bringing forth into manifest reality because it must.

Out of the universal void Source realized itself.  A reaction of aliveness burst forth in a convulsion simply expressing, with no agenda, no beliefs, no need to do anything exceptto be. Maybe this is what science has named the Big Bang? So it seems the theoretical concept of Extragenesis is suspended on a tripod at the center of quantum physics, consciousness philosophy and religious mystery. It is the ageless and timeless search for a unified theory of all that is which suggests the possibility that self-realization at a cosmic level could be the original aha moment.  Was this primordial awakening the first enlightenment?

The thinking that this has only happened once, that there are no further Big Bangs, is challenged by the idea of Extragenesis as energetic shift, moving through the territory of astronomy and physics into the world of contemporary thought. The premise is that Extragenesis not only happened at the moment of primal creation, but that it happens every moment as ideas transmute into manifest physical reality.  This suggests that little bangs might happen all the time.  Is it possible that when the universal All conceives any inspiration it is the continuing and constant Extragenesis of self realization that fuels the journey  of that inspiration through space and time into manifest reality?

The idea of the lily exists in the mind of creation as an extragenic pattern of thought; much like physical DNA exists as the possibility of the plant in the bulb before it manifests as a particular genus of lily bursting into flower in the garden.  Primal lily Extragenesis happened at the moment the earliest ancestor of the lily bulb came into being, preceding the development of the first grandmother lily.  Extragenesis happens each time the inspiration for a new lily arises from the soup of creation, which is all life. There is no real distinction between a primal or original Extragenesis and the Extragenesis of now. The charge must exist before the thing moves from nothing to something physically, spiritually, emotionally or mentally.

Extragenesis is the same thing that happens when you or I think, or are filled with an internal vision of a desire, a dream, or an inspiration to creative impulse.  This shift does not immediately produce a physical manifestation.  Every invention, every human design, exists because of the persistent action of Extragenesis.  The inspiration arises before the idea.  There is a shift of awareness from nothing to something, the conception out of which inspired possibility is born.  Idea arises, and then becomes concept, concept becomes design, design becomes plan, a plan is implemented, corrections are made and the result is realized.

At any point in the process, that which is becoming can fall totally apart and return to the state of pure energy or Source; if that is the case, no time is wasted, nature has no failures, dead ends maybe; but the remnants of what has gone before remain as asphalt on the broad highway of the future. The concept of evolution demonstrates that all attempts to make a result happen are stored as part of the experience of expressing within the seeds of creation.  We see this over and over again in all of nature.

Recently, biological anthropologists decided to find what had happened to the ancient people, the Phoenicians.  Following the trade routes in the Mediterranean that were already known, the researchers determined the Phoenicians might have ended up in modern day Lebanon.  Using the amazing technology of DNA testing and analysis they tested Lebanese men and found a match in some to DNA found in the bones of these long dead mariners.  The memory of an ancient people is still being used to influence the appearance and other genetic traits of the modern inhabitants of Lebanon thousands of years later, a stored memory of past inspiration and success.

Source remains the seed within… and it is the action of conscious engagement with focused intention that allows us to interface with the all-expressing whole as partners. In fact could partnership have become an imperative?  Clearly, we are part of the on-going expression of all things.  Maybe we humans are an infantile part of cosmic life that has at last become capable of making a conscious choice to partner with all creation? If that is so, then are we not also bound to make conscious extragenically charged events happen though our focused intention? That certainly screams I Am. Does it not? Maybe we are ultimately Mother Nature’s microcosmic handymen implementing our own plan? At every level if we are driven by the organic need to simply express, just like the macrocosmic Source; do we not then also have the responsibility to own our awesome power?

It seems partnership demands this conscientiousness. The next step for our species may ultimately be not more or bigger, better or faster but instead, the imperative of a conscious and compassionate spiritual maturity. Rising up out of the muck to our full height and allowing existence itself to be served by our very extragenic natures. The stuff of life at our fingertips whether we are ready or not, we must grasp our future even before it unfolds around us.

Energy, Extragenesis & the Sacred Anatomy

Desda Zuckerman

For centuries, human beings have endeavored to heal one another of illness and distress through the use of faith, prayer, and forms of universal internal power like Chi and Prana.  Healing using the transference of a kind of spiritual stamina or purity has inspired us for generations, given us hope for a miracle when we fall seriously ill or experience desperate circumstances.  As a result, this kind of healing was shrouded in mystery, the province of the religious or pious few, especially blessed people who could magically intercede with the spirits, the ancestors or the stars.

Twentieth century psychics and spiritualists, influenced by the discoveries of different sources of power and the development of the science of Physics, began to call this stuff energy. This has increasingly become a term of common usage.  Now people say they:work with energy.  They call themselves energetic healers and there is even a developing field of energy medicine, which conjures up images of technicians in white coats aerobically leaping about while performing complex medical procedures.

I believe it is shortsighted and even disrespectful, to refer to an exchange between two people and the vast universe as simply unqualified energy.

In quantum physics there are four kinds of energies: Strong Force, Weak Force, Electromagnetic, and Gravitational.  Each one of these different energies is specific and behaves in specific ways.  All of the energies we use in our everyday lives are made up of one of these kinds of energy.  The English language uses descriptive terms like solar, nuclear and electrical to define styles of energy and Webster’s common usage of the word energy is: “the work that a physical system is capable of doing in changing from its actual state to a specified reference state.”

The term Extragenesis offers, among other things, a description of the type of energy with which we are engaged.  It is charged, intelligent, transforming energy.  It is extragenic energy…energy that has been inspired and shifted from one state to another and now is thick with potential.

The primary meaning of Extragenesis is:  before or above the beginning. Human beings can access energy through Extragenesis and inspire transformative interaction by applying focused intention.  In observation, extragenic energy clearly reacts to physical stimulation in the form of directed light, sound or frequency, pressure, scent, and the witnessing presence.

Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine is a vibrational healing modality, which uses intentional focus and the principle of Extragenesis to direct interactive light. This is not light, as we know it. But may possibly be an inter-dimensional or alternative reality light. This, other-sight light is called this because it is seen by some with clairvoyant sight and not by all people. In spite of being invisible to some this different light is used by all even though only some are aware of doing so.  SAEM is the practice of working with Extragenesis and the resulting and continually charged energy in a conscious way. This energy is visible or able to be perceived by sensitives.

In the 1960’s the new science of parapsychology called this psi energy and sought to prove it existed. These studies were primarily based in concepts of psychology and traditional physics and a real attempt was made to understand how those rare people who saw, felt, heard, smelled, sensed and intuited this energy used it. Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine is the result of one woman’s personal exploration of how to be with what she saw, sensed and intuited. Mapping the energetic of the human Structure produced an anatomy of light. The modality of SAEM is based on this anatomy as well as Extragenesis.

What in our bones as ancient esoteric knowledge is only hinted at in most traditions, approached from a fresh and contemporary point of view, brings us surprisingly down to Earth.  Extragenic energy is the spark of life.  Exploring our partnership with it will lead humanity, as a still evolving species, to claim a more conscious place in the natural unfolding of creation.

Reclaiming the Anatomy of the Soul: A New Paradigm

Desda Zuckerman

We are made of the stuff of the cosmos. Each one of us larger and more brilliant than our physical limitations have made us think we are. Surrounding our bodies is a complex expanded organism made of subtle energy. This larger self has order and a greater purpose to fulfill. It can be worked with, supported, cleared of excess and healed of trauma. Within the subtle anatomy of our energetic Structure we hold the secrets of all creation, our own histories and personal evolutionary journeys. We are our own ancestors and the future yet to come.

The concept of an anatomy of the soul requires a perceptual shift about who and what we are and gives rise to a new paradigm for understanding human potential. The advent of an organized anatomy, of a Structure made from the subtle energetic stuff of the individuated soul represents a perceptual change of consciousness for anyone willing to entertain the idea. As we learn to interact with this energy, to define it and dissect what it is, our behavior changes. We begin to think of what we are in a larger context. We can learn to use this anatomy, care for it and work to heal the struggles of life held within it. In this way we can begin to own personal transformation anew.

The entire human Structure makes One Body and not many. It is possible to view the human experience from a whole body anatomical perspective and in doing so to reclaim ownership of all of it from the gross viscera of the abdominal cavity to the dizzying heights of our Soul. This is not fantasy or some kind of trick, it is possible to take possession of our birthright, our Structure.

In many religious traditions and dogmas, the ordinary individual must petition their deity through intercessors. This intervention will grant access to their Soul, which may not belong to the individual, but to the overriding wisdom and grace of either the institution or the god. Many different systems share the idea that the Soul does not really belong to the individual but instead, to the paternal or maternal vision of the care-taking god or goddess. Most people think of their traditional system as the best, or only real way that it is. That is religious freedom.

This work has no argument with personal religious choice. Believe what is in your heart and tradition. Worship what you choose. The existence of your One Body and its anatomy is outside of the tenets of religious faith, just like the discovery or the existence of an entire Solar System does not mean that the Earth is not important. These basic ideas espouse a philosophy of wholeness; in a most classic sense of the word philosophy, which is the investigation of the causes and laws underlying reality. As such, this wholistic system, just like physical anatomy, is inclusive of all faiths and excluding of none.

What is the Soul? Where does it come from? How does it function? Does everyone have one? How do we get one? Why do we have a Soul?

Webster’s Dictionary defines Soul as: “The animating and vital principle in man credited with the faculties of thought, action, and emotion and often conceived as an immaterial entity.” He also calls it “the spiritual nature of man, regarded as immortal, separable from the body at death, and susceptible to happiness of misery in a future state.”

I humbly disagree with the sweeping nature of this definition, Mr. Webster. In fact, this is where we have made some cultural, philosophical, and religious assumptions that have set us apart from ourselves and caused us as a species, to experience a deadly kind of imbalance, one that is costing us mightily. We need a new and more contemporary definition of Soul. One that is not based in the ideals of separation, but instead, that is more specific, less subjective, and promotes wholeness.

To suggest that the Soul thinks, or experiences reactive emotion, is a limiting idea. The Soul is larger than this. We are larger than this. This is an 18th century approach, one that keeps us small and out of partnership with the greater whole of creation. No wonder we fight with nature and try to dominate her like an abusive spouse. We actually think that the Soul is subject to our petty actions and conditions and that it somehow does not exist beyond this small view of who we are.

Immortality is not the same as stepping outside of the paradigm of life and death, it is a view that says: it lives forever, not that it is altogether beyond the boundaries of the concept of end and beginning. If a thing has life, it has death. If a thing is outside of life, it may have a larger life and ultimately a larger death or it may have a totally different beingness and not even be a thing at all.

Referred to as the spiritual nature of man, our definition moves into a murky area again. Spirit as a condition, a nature, seems too limiting, yet again. Is Spirit so driven that it is actually the nature of man? No. What drives us is purpose, certainly spiritually based, but not our nature or our spirit. Human nature is more of a composite than this, more a compilation of knowledge, purpose, wisdom and function in action. Human nature contains elements of spirit and soul both, but is not either. Neither is spirit, soul. It is something quite different much simpler, like a container. Soul fuels us, Purpose drives us, Spirit contains us, Human Nature defines us, and Source sings her siren song, these are all different ideas, different stances, and different vibrational frequencies.

The problem with not being clear is that actions based in lack of clarity are expressing some form of imbalance and disease. This fundamental confusion is at the root of cultural disorder throughout the world. Even if this particular definition of Soul is not the definition of the culture of the country you are in, it doesn’t matter; this is the currently accepted greater worldview of the major powers in the world today. It is what western civilization is based upon, why the split is so profound. Even in cultures that do not believe in the idea of Soul or Spirit there is the belief in having what others do, these others are the western world and this way of believing in the Soul is at the bottom of the race to have. Is it not possible that until we of the west are more magnanimous in our definition of this fundamental root of who and what we are, there will be disharmony amongst the people of the Earth?

I suggest the Soul is pure, self-realized intelligence that expresses constantly in the moment. It is not mind, thought, action, or emotion, and it is never joyous or miserable. It has a deep and abiding purpose to express and this expression takes the form of Individuation. Once the Divine filament becomes self-aware, realizing: I am, it achieves consciousness. The very next thing it realizes is: I am not and in that millisecond, individuation is created. This is what we are: individuated filaments of self-realized Source. We are the: I am not to the: I am of the Divine. Without us, without our Individuated Soul, the Divine Source would not fulfill its expression and expression and expression. This is the beginning of our Structure the instant of birth of our Individuation, which is constantly reaching out to the Source or Nature. Anatomically this event has a location in the Structure, it has a home where the power of that millisecond is forever harnessed as the power, which fuels the One Body.

It is the Individuated Soul, which fuels the entire Structure. It exists within each of us as the vibrant Individuation of the Source. From this perspective, every one of us has a unique Soul, functioning within the Structure as the living power that drives our elegant machine. Simply by gaining an understanding of the anatomy of the Structure and the concept of the One Body it is possible to begin reclaiming the Soul as a vivacious and useful part of whom and what we are. Just becoming aware opens the door into the mind and heart and permits a timeless remembering of the scope that we humans embody.

The basic idea is very simple. Each individuated Soul is the driving force of life expressing within the Structure; and so, reclaiming our Soul means using the Soul, relying upon the Soul, for expanded personal ownership of a powerful new sense of identity, a new paradigm. Reclaiming the Soul means becoming a fully conscious partner with your own unique Individuated Soul as it expands and grows. This can be approached through the study of the One Body and its anatomy, which is essentially, embodied self-realization.

For our purposes, the mind is defined as that part of ourselves that represents our consciousness, our awareness, and focus. This is synonymous with the ability to transform the status quo. We use the mind to interact with the individuated Soul, to give it a context and a voice. This, among other things, is what makes us human.

There are as many ways to spark the mind, as there are grains of sand on the beaches of this green and blue planet Earth. The human mind has the capacity to do miraculous things. We invent, we contemplate, we organize, we dream, and we imagine, we believe, we design, we commit and we nurture; all this happens in and because of the human mind. We also manipulate, we scheme, we control, we kill, we deceive, we debauch, we enforce, we obsess and we starve and abuse ourselves and others with these identical minds.

Many of the same ideas that bring possibility and expansive growth into our shared experience also make materially real the darkness of contraction, limitation, and shrinking hope. We are creatures of infinite mind and dynamic ingenious ability. We can create magnificently and destroy utterly. We are the true children of violent universal chaos, the material forces of darkness as well as angels of brilliant shining light. We are both. But it is not our Soul making choices it is our mind. Our Soul fuels the capacity for thought but we have the ability to stand in partnership with the greater vision of what we are or to dive to the bottom of the pool and drown in chaos.

With the development of a One Body philosophy, and the idea of the Individuated Soul, arises the focus to inspire new thoughts, experiences, and awareness for the children of the human species. Our minds can soar when fueled by the power of our Individuation, the Soul that is unique to us. Potent and waking to partnership as we become aware of it surging through our Structure, it brings bright clarity to foster expanded interactive intention, greater intelligence, and an ancient foundation standing tall. We are building new bridges between current reality and what is ultimately possible for each and every being.

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