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Your Sacred Anatomy,

An Owners Guide to the Human Energy Structure


About the book:

Your Sacred Anatomy, An Owner’s Guide to the Human Energy Structure

“The Grey’s Anatomy for Energy Workers” – Michael Margolis

 Your Sacred Anatomy, An Owner’s Guide to the Human Energy Structure, is a unique vision of the subject captured in a fully illustrated 300-page reference book. Printed on paper to last the ages, it features original color graphics by illustrator Kim Glass, inspired from the sacred art of visionary healer, speaker, and author, Desda Zuckerman.  The most comprehensive and detailed description of subtle human anatomy ever written.

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The YSA 2016 Wall Calendar – SOLD OUT!

Keep track of your schedule while gazing upon the aspects of your own Sacred Anatomy!  Only $20, add $2.50 for shipping.  A great holiday gift for yourself and others, here’s what they look like – click on the images to enlarge…..











calendar-june calendar













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