Sacred Anatomy: What does the Structure look like?

Your energy structure was born long before your physical body, and will exist long after it is gone. It began at the intersection of splinters of divine light (the Core and Channel) giving birth to the Individuation, the Soul Layer, the Edge, and all of the seven systems of the Sacred Anatomy.
The Structure I witness, document, and work with is at least 10-20 feet out from the physical body in all directions and has 7 different operating systems each with their own expertise.
  • The Layers act as the story telling organs of the subtle structure.
  • The Template is essentially a subtle nervous system.
  • The Blended Energies System is similar to a cardio vascular system in that it moves energy through the structure.
  • The Bones of Light are the skeleton.
  • The Elimination System releases attachment and expels debris.
  • The Human Electromagnetic Field is the only part of the subtle anatomy made of electromagnetic energy and it acts as a bridge between the subtle and physical worlds.
  • Finally, the Harmonizing Network is the system that holds it all together connecting one part to another like a chemically based neurological system.

All of these drawings are taken from the sacred art of Desda Zuckerman and translated into computer graphics by Kim Glass. Please respect them as intellectual property and credit the source. Thank you.

The Fundamentals

The Core

At the center of each one of us is a triple current stream of pure Source energy called the Core. It can never be damaged, injured or suffer. Located slightly in front of and sometimes incorporating the spine the Core can range in size from the width of a single hair to a pillar from an ancient Greek temple. Each one of the currents is a different color. From (your) right to left they are blue, red and golden yellow. These currents and the location of the Core are consistent. The Core could be called a divine fragment, pure intelligence, a part of Creation, the One, or the All. It is the part of us that always remembers who we truly are.

The Channel

The Channel is made of the same stuff as the Core. It looks and acts in a similar way but it performs different functions. Most importantly the Channel stands witness to the Core. It runs horizontally to the Core’s vertical and enters the physical body from the front. The Channel can potentially cross the Core in several different places: below the heart and above the solar plexus, near the belly button and just above the center of the gut. It is positioned so that it does not interfere with any other anatomical function.

The Shape of the Structure

The Structure is made up of intelligent interactive light that comes from the Core. For the purposes of explanation we will use this shape as an idealized human form because most of them approximate an egg shape. Experiences of trauma, karma and drama make each individual Structure different. We are unique and just like a thumb print shape is distinctive for each of us. All Structures are individual in nature, size, shape, and contour. So, while able to be given a general description it is important to realize they do vary greatly.

Core Individuation

Even though the Core continues without stopping at the top of the Core Sheath, portions of the blue, red and yellow currents break free and begin to swirl into the shell of the Structure. In a colorful moment of creative division individuated energies make anatomy. The generation of a unique and individuated energy is what could be called the human soul. Apart from the Source or the Totality and yet at its Core still connected to everything.

The Soul Layer

These swirling individuated energies leave the Core and dump into the shell of the egg. The shell acts as the gas tank of the One Body holding charged individuated energies while they mix together and create a constantly moving rainbow of living light.

This fuel is our own potent expression. It is our soul essence and everything about it. Because it is so vibrant this container is called the Soul Layer. Wonderfully we are soul powered – fueled by the strength of our individuated natures.

The Edge

At the edge of this magnificent container is the energetic skin, the Edge. This skin is covered with billions of tiny receptors. From each a small hair-like Villi antenna protrudes. These antennas and receptors give the Edge of the Structure a fuzzy, slightly, prickly appearance and feeling. They also enable us to sense and attract specific pure energies from the surrounding environment.

The Framework and Structure Size

Like the Core spins out the Individuation and the Soul Layer, the Channel releases single colored currents to create the Framework. This is a skeletal support that allows the Layers to be distinctly defined and helps to keep the Structure up and open.

Structure size varies for each person. A general approximation of the ideal oval shape is that vertically it is 20-40 feet up from the head and 20-40 down from the feet; horizontally it is, 15-30 feet out from the stomach and 15-30 feet out from the back. People shrink in size with illness and stress but a smaller Structure does not necessarily mean the person is sick on lacking in power. Sometimes as people become diffused and indistinct at their Edge, this does not mean they are really big but instead is an indicator for a need for support. In this situation size is all relative to the individual so some people are more petite but just as healthy, potent and juicy as someone who is huge. There does seem to be a correlation between spiritual maturity and expanded size.

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The Seven Systems

The Layers

There are eight layers of interactive intelligent light or extragenic energy that make up the One Body. In Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine we call them layers and not bodies, as there is only ONE body: the Human Structure.

These eight distinct layers are joined to each other by a framework and surrounded by membranes to create the egg shape of the Human Structure. Each layer is an interdependent extragenic organ that functions much like the organs of the Bio Layer [the physical body] serving a function in relationship to the greater whole.

The Template

Your Template strands form a web of connection to every nook and cranny of the Human Energy Structure. No part is excluded or forgotten; the Template is utterly inclusive. Understanding the Template means living an expanded life. Not only feeding, and relaxing the combined nervous systems of the physical and subtle Human Energy Structure but gently leading you toward releasing grasping and struggle in your life.

Learning about this system gives you ways to live in a consciously expanded and relaxed state allowing you to open to your own possibilities and to attain a more enlightened state of being.

The Blended Energy System

The Blended Energies System distributes the powerful energies of the core throughout the whole structure. It is named for the blending of energies that occurs in the receptivity chambers of the 13 major chakras and fuels the Human Energy Structure.

The Chakras are generators, constantly pumping energies through the system. In that way they are the beating heart of the Sacred Anatomy

The Bones of Light

The Bones of Light are the skeleton of the Sacred Anatomy. They hold the structure up and open, giving it a foundation and container so that the intricate workings of the Blended Energies System, the Template and the Layers are protected and fully supported. The substructure, caduceus and the framework are key elements of the Human Energy Structure skeleton, which includes the bones of the physical body.

The Elimination System

The Elimination System releases debris and toxicity from the Human Energy Structure to keep it healthy and constantly renewing. Its large wheels spin to release unwanted energies, releasing them into the universal when the structure is done with them. These are also known as the wheels of Karma, keeping us unattached and clear.

The Human Electromagnetic Field

The HEMF is the one system that is not composed of subtle energy. It is a reflective system, created out of the electrical impulses of the heart, the brain and all aspects of the physical body. It is the bridge between the subtle and the physical, which we use to create our path in life. When the physical body dies, the HEMF is released, and the rest of the structure moves on.

The Harmonizing Network

The Harmonizing Network supports the entire structure and to keep it aligned with the original expressions of pure Source energies. It crosses the boundaries between the various systems, giving a blended sense of unity and stimulating harmony and connection throughout via a network of meridians and channels, connectors, anchors and hooks and by harnessing specific energies designed to support the systems.

Nine tonal centers resonate together to create an infinite and perfect chord with over and undertones that vibrate together to make harmony out of the anatomy of the Human Energy.

The Universal

The universal exists everywhere and is the soup we walk through and breathe into. The universal is benign. It surrounds the Human Energy Structure, holding it as it evolves, accepting all in complete non-attachment. The universal is devoid of content unless the content has identity and is attached to a structure. It is called the surrounding universal around a structure.

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