Solutions for Anxiety

Solutions for Anxiety,
Stress, and EMF Toxicity

Revolutionary Self Care for Real Life Problems

Are you feeling derailed from what most matters to you by stress and anxiety that you can’t seem to resolve on your own?

No wonder, given the types and level of stress we typically experience everyday in the 21 century.


Where does stress come from?

    • So much to do, so little time
    • Unrealistic expectations for what you can handle
    • The divisiveness and mean-spiritedness of public conversation
    • Information overload and social media pressures
    • Work stealing the heart out of your personal life
    • Wifi, cell phone towers, computers, solar flares, 5G
    • Fear of financial insecurity
    • Beating yourself up
    • Inability to let go of difficult emotional interactions

And guess what?  According to Time Magazine, the US healthcare system ranks last for the fifth year in a row among industrialized nations. Clearly, that is not where to turn for relief.

So what to do?

By meeting your everyday issues in a completely different way, you can achieve incredible results in a short period of time. You can learn new skills that will profoundly alter the way you see yourself, your relationships, and the world. Not tricks or products, but practices that build your capacity working with technology, being with people who challenge you, finding ways to give your valuable attention to what matters to you (and not be distracted), and so much more! You will do this by strengthening your subtle anatomy’s resilience and ability to filter out what is not helpful while ushering in what is.

In short, by making friends with the greatness that you are, you can co-create with the infinite.


In this course, I will teach you how to access the vast resources of your Sacred Anatomy to create a peaceful place for yourself amidst the insanity of this 21st-century life. This has been the focus of my life’s work, and it would be my honor to share it with you.

Together we will travel into the paradigm shifting reality of your subtle anatomy which extends out from your physical body for 20 feet in all directions. In this larger anatomy, we interact with the world on the front lines, before we do so with our physical bodies. It runs interference against inhospitable energies that drain you and stress you out, including EMF and other people’s energies.

When you experience anxiety — that “buzzy” feeling — that’s your own human electro-magnetic field (HEMF) being overloaded. It’s been bruised and shredded by the toxic energies of our environment. You owe it to yourself to learn the coping skills I teach in this course. When the HEMF is healthy, your body’s energy is contained and available for all you do in your life. When it is diffused and weak, it’s like driving drunk. But understand this is NOT your personality — it’s part of your Sacred Anatomy and it needs your loving care.


  • Having more energy, better focus and clarity
  • Bouncing back from difficult situations that would have thrown you in the past
  • Feeling increased capacity for meeting life’s big bad challenges
  • Being calmer, more relaxed and with greater energy at the same time
  • Better discernment about what’s right for you
  • Be more effective with less effort
  • Feeling more at peace with today’s technology

This and more is what you’ll receive by working with me in this course.


Join me to learn:

  • How to contain the radiation emanating from computers, cell phones, wifi, etc
  • Learn to protect yourself from the effect of solar flares and cosmic radiation
  • Energetic support for the Human Microbiome – a subtle anatomy probiotic
  • Exercises to maintain your sensitivity while increasing your personal power
  • Techniques to keep your energy from being diffused or merging with others
  • Daily self-care practices to increase health and vitality, relieve stress
  • How to contain and clear your own human electro-magnetic field
  • How to pull “monkey mind” out of your head!
  • Free yourself from looping anxiety-producing thought forms and energy

You really can feel better and have command over your life even in the midst of the hardest situations and most challenging energies. Let me show you how.

This is the path of the spiritual warrior — learn a new way to be in the world.
Please join me – a new world is waiting all around you.

Love and light,





June 19 & 26   —  July 10, 17, 24 & 31

Break for holiday & integration the first week of July

Live on Wednesdays at 12:00 Noon PST  –

Video on the course page for anytime learning and review

Price:  $297, or three installments of $108


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