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Discover the Power of Your Sacred Anatomy

Sacred Anatomy Solutions for EMF Toxicity & Disturbances


Wednesday, Sept 18th at 5:00 PM, PST

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You know stress is a major contributor to chronic illness

You want to feel more relaxed and centered

Are you confused about how to get there?

Do you feel stressed out and anxious no matter how much you meditate, exercise, change your diet, or go on vacation?

Join energy medicine pioneer, Desda Zuckerman, as she reveals to you that the
solutions you’re looking for lie in accessing the power of your Sacred Anatomy.

Attend this free masterclass to discover:

  • The hidden reasons why you experience burnout and overwhelm (they’re not what you think)
  • How to replace and restore the energy that you need from your life and how to recover from the profound exhaustion of burnout
  • Tools to locate the spacious expanded capacity hidden in your own energy structure-
  • The keys to mastering your own energy field by accessing specific parts of your Sacred Anatomy-
  • How to build strength and power authentically, reliably, and consistently

Working with my HEMF (Human Electro-Magnetic Field) makes me feel solid and so much stronger.

I also love how it relaxes me out of stress I didn’t even know I was holding.

Marcia Berry

Colleen circle

Connecting with my Sacred Anatomy is like coming home…

…to a place inside of myself that is full of wisdom, peace and knowledge.

Dr. Colleen Lindstrom

What does it take to build a relationship?

Samantha Russel shares the journey of relationship with her own Sacred Anatomy – the part of herself that connects to universal consciousness and infinite possibility, and yet is as close as her breath.

During this webinar, you will meet international teacher, speaker, author, and healer Desda Zuckerman.  From her lifetime of experience and deep work with over ten thousand clients, she will share with you that what you’ve been taught about the electromagnetic field is inaccurate and potentially harmful to your health. She will lead you to a revolutionary understanding of the energies in our world, and in your body, and how you can create right relationship between them. You will walk away with simple yet effective and potent practical tools that you can use immediately and every day.


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