About the Covid Procedure

Spiritual Energetic Support
for Covid-19!

Has it ever been more important for us to be healthy and resiliant?  And yes, you know that means you must address more than just your body, but your spirit as well. 

We are offering one of our great Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine protocols for the benefit or our entire global community. We know that fear and anxiety are harmful to the immune system, our first line of support.  This healing meditation brings Divine Source energies to your subtle energy body to soothe these troubled waters and provide a spiritual foundation for wellbeing.

This healing meditation can help:

  • Energetically stop a cold or virus before it starts

  • Create spiritual along with physical wellness

  • Release your anxiety about getting sick

Reverend Desda Zuckerman is the pioneering cartographer of the detailed systems of the Sacred Anatomy, the subtle energy structure reaching out 20 feet from your physical body. A healer, speaker, teacher and author, she is the founder of Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine – the transformational healing modality and philosophy based on her lifetime of study and practice.

Please accept just the possibility…

That we can call upon the divine intelligence that is part of the very fabric of who and what we are, and that those blessings will flow to us in a way that is healing and brings us into a closer relationship with our truest and most authentic self.

Many blessings,

Desda Zuckerman

Barbara circle

Consistant results!

I saw the need for a Covid-19 protocol I am thrilled to have developed this with Desda. I’ve used the protocol with about 75 people and all are well and staying well. The energies are robust and definitely support spiritual and energetic immune health. As longtime Senior Practitioner of Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine, it deeply impresses me how this work continues to evolve and find new applications.

Barbara Musser


I thougt I’d been exposed…

“I came back from shopping and felt concerned that I had been exposed. I woke up next day and my lungs felt wonky. I did the procedure from the Covid video three times over the next three days, until I felt better and my lungs felt stronger again. I wanted to knock the virus out before it could gain a hold on me. And now, three weeks later, I have no signs of it. Thank you Desda for this powerful procedure.”

Marcia Berry

The fear was gone!

“Recently I awoke with symptoms that I feared could be the new coronavirus. A few scary hours later, I had Cheryl on the phone. She used this amazing protocol that lifted all my symptoms, one-by-one. Most importantly, her remedy endures to this day, two weeks later.

Completely gone was my headache, the heavy torso sluggishness of a bug coming on, with its twin, mental fog. I was no longer coughing or blowing my nose. By the end of her treatment, I could breathe deeply, my chest no longer restricted by fear. The fear was gone! It was powerful and immediate. I emerged from it with the kind of mental clarity and relaxed body one gets from a wonderful long night’s sleep. It worked for me!”

SD, San Francisco

Beyond your energy body

I work on the front lines..

“I work on the front lines managing a large chain of grocery stores on the east coast. Barbara has supported me in staying healthy and supporting all the workers who interface with customers regularly. She has also given it to several on the executive team. We are all benefitting from this protocol, in body, mind and spirit.”   ~

Tina M


“Barbara gave us the Covid-19 Immune Protocol several weeks ago and then refreshed it recently. We are 79 and 80 years old and want to do all that we can to stay healthy. This protocol had us both feeling very peppy and energized. That’s a very good feeling these days.”

Susanna & David

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