Desda Zuckerman, Founder

Amanda Cruise

Level III Practitioner

Phone: +1 707-755-1038
Info: Based in Santa Rosa, 90 min north of San Francisco, CA, USA
Working both:
Remotely – worldwide by Phone, Skype, or Zoom
In Person – soon, in Santa Rosa and Petaluma, CA
Languages spoken: English, Spanish, French and Italian

Hi there! I am an artist, activist, soul guide, modern day mystic and proud mountain lion mama to a trans son. I specialize in facilitating liberation and leadership for artists and activists, helping you move what’s in the way so you can have maximum positive impact and thrive in the process. Getting out of your own way…that sure sounds good doesn’t it!

You have big work to do, now, not in the next ice age. And still sometimes you feel lost, confused, in pain, blocked, burnt out, stuck, or just plain fed up of the old and tired wounds, life patterns or you-don’t-even-know-what things anymore that are holding you back. Yeah, I hear you, enough already!

Working at the intersection of full creative expression, deep connection and sacred activism, I create not just safe spaces but brave spaces, where together we can do the deep and evolutionary work to empower your life, work and vision with ease and grace.

I adore my clients and client base. You are a bold, brave and rather brilliant bunch. You feel the pull to heal, grow, transform, evolve and serve from a fully alive place. You are wonderfully eclectic, fiercely independent and often solo agents, while some of you are doing great work within the likes of the BBC, United Nations and ILM Visual Effects. Mostly you are happiest off somewhere wild and remote in nature, performing on stage, advancing a cause or creating in your magic cave. Above all, you know there is so much more to life than meets the mainstream eye, and are excited by the possibility of a freedom and fullness of living way beyond your current status quo.

For the past 22 years I have been exploring and training in ancient wisdom teachings, sacred lineages, advanced energy work and alternative pathways to healing, transformation and evolution. My medicine basket is big, beautiful and full. Finding CoreIndividuation has been the proverbial icing on the cake, allowing me to finally take my life and work to a whole new level with extraordinary speed. The intelligence, elegance, depth and power of this work absolutely tickles me pink, and if we are a good fit for each other, I know it will amaze and delight you too.

If you are feeling a heart-body-soul pull, I recommend tea and a chat, so we can explore the possibility of working together. Mad hats and cookies entirely optional.

“It is hard to imagine my life before and without the work with Amanda, sitting here today. I have a new way of relating to myself, nature, people and energy. I feel greater love, containment, wonder. In particular, I feel a greater connection to a non-rational, non-logical spiritual side of me. I fundamentally feel more grounded and more centered, as well as more in touch with magic and wonder.

I have positively surprised myself by, far more quickly than I could have ever imagined (at all!), allowing myself to trust in the methodology even in its more ‘out there’ moments. I’ve left the doubt and cynicism behind and I have been able to benefit from the connections and being guided to shift and access energy.

I very much enjoy the structure and the flow of the work, even as it allows for flexibility. I feel a sense of purpose and vision about where we are going that I never felt when I was in therapy.

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