Barbara Musser

SAEM Senior Practitioner, MBA, Yoga Therapist, Dream Coach, former HAI facilitator

Phone: 707-280-9662
Info: Located in Grass Valley, CA, I work in person and remotely by phone, Zoom or Skype

I support my clients in being in integrity and balance in the inner experience and outer expression of their essence. I help people heal and rebalance their life force energy with a special focus on navigating the journey and overcoming trauma related to sexuality and cancer. As a result, they can make healthy and meaningful changes in their lives.

I love how this important body of wisdom, healing and transformation evolves as I continue to study.  SAEM is the keystone to my work. The principles of SAEM provide a deeper understanding of our nature, of the intelligence of energy and how healing and transformation occur.

In 1997 I became a SAEM Apprentice to deepen my own healing many years after completing cancer treatment. I discovered that I have a gift for helping others to open themselves to the potential for healing and transformation through Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine.

I have an MBA and decades of business experience, and am able to navigate in both the spiritual and material worlds with ease. For 30 years I’ve helped clients with yoga therapy, meditation, visualization, sex education, dream coaching and SAEM.

Barbara and I began working together when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. She supported me in making treatment decisions that were right for me and worked with me throughout treatment. My medical team said they hadn’t seen such a fast and easy recovery as mine and I know this work was a big part of that. I’m grateful and recommend Barbara highly.

Barbara helped me enormously to recover from cancer treatments. I did several half-day intensives with her and they were fabulous. With her help I’m feeling whole, healed and able to fully participate in my life.

Working with Barbara has expanded and deepened my ability to transform. Barbara is a change maker and has the power to imbue her clients with the ability to be the same. In the time I have known Barbara, I have gone from working in a group practice to starting my own solo practice, which quickly built up a two-year waiting list. Working with Barbara is like entering a palace where each room is richer than the last and everything in heaven and earth becomes available to you.”

As a CEO, Serial Entrepreneur and overall Type A Extrovert, I knew coming in that I needed to work with the way that I carried myself in the world and to stop “throwing” my energy around those around me. Barbara, and her balance between her energy work and her business minded, common sense way in the world was the perfect fit for me. I have had great feedback from coworkers, lovers, and friends that I am calming and enjoyable to be around.”

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