Barbara Musser

Level IV Practitioner

Phone: 707-280-9662
Info: Seeing clients at 1320 Industrial Ave., Suite L, Petaluma, CA 94952
Working remotely by phone or Skype

I began with CI as a way to deepen my own healing many years after I completed cancer treatment. Along the way I discovered that I have a gift for helping others to open themselves to the potential for healing and transformation through Core Individuation. CI is the keystone to my work. It is my privilege to witness as people commit to their own growth and transformation. I love how this important body of wisdom, healing and transformation continues to evolve.
CI is the keystone to my work. It is my greatest pleasure to stand as witness as people commit to their own growth and transformation and I grow from every encounter with every client. I consider myself a lifelong student of CI and love how this important body of wisdom, healing and transformation continues to evolve.
My vision as a healer is to see, celebrate and further evoke the highest expression of being and living, for each of my clients. I work with many clients with cancer in all stages from diagnosis through treatment and after treatment.

Barbara and I began working together when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. She supported me in making treatment decisions that were right for me and worked with me throughout treatment. My medical team said they hadn’t seen such a fast and easy recovery as mine and I know this work was a big part of that. I’m grateful and recommend Barbara highly.

Barbara helped me enormously to recover from cancer treatments. I did several half-day intensives with her and they were fabulous. With her help I’m feeling whole, healed and able to fully participate in my life.

Working with Barbara has expanded, hastened and deepened my ability to transform. Barbara is a change maker and has the power to imbue her clients with the ability to be the same. Every day, I am reminded of how Barbara catalyzed the heart opening that changed my life and taught me the ability to witness myself so completely that I can acknowledge myself with ever-increasing dimension. All of my personal and professional relationships have improved dramatically. And I am having the best romantic relationship of my life.

I worked with Barbara as a client intensely for two years. She met me in every nuance of my being. There was no place I went that she could not follow and help me navigate through. Of all the many internal and external skills she taught me, the one I value the most is the ability to gracefully and profoundly deconstruct and reconstruct myself to allow for change that frees me to operate from the essence of my being. Learning to come apart and come back together, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually has allowed me to grow in ways I only dreamed, well honestly, I never dreamed, possible. I learned to change without rendering myself dysfunctional.

I work as a Medical Intuitive and Healer. In the time I have known Barbara, I have gone from working in a group practice to starting my own solo practice, which quickly built up a two-year waiting list. Now, I am also writing and developing a teaching career with the dedicated intent to reach and assist more people by multiple means. I have experienced lifetimes worth of growth in a few years with Barbara’s help and dedication. Working with Barbara is like entering a palace where each room is richer than the last and everything in heaven and earth becomes available to you. Whatever your concern or quest, partnering with Barbara will insure your success.

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