Jeannie Mckenzie

Level III Practitioner

Phone: 510-290-9593
Info: Seeing clients at Pinehaven Rd, Oakland CA
Remote sessions by phone and Skype

I have been working as a practitioner of barefoot shiatsu massage since 1986 and biodynamic cranial sacral work since 2000. I am a musician, a mime, and an Orff music teacher for children. I have been practicing yoga since 1972 and chi gung since 1990. All of these practices have contributed to my curiosity about and understanding of energy and how it moves us.
Meeting Desda and discovering CI felt like a homecoming for my soul. Her explanation of our energetic anatomy felt immediately true to me, and I as I studied, I experienced an awakening to my greater energetic being that I had previously only glimpsed. I began eagerly practicing everything I learned as I deepened my studies with Desda, and I have been amazed at the transformation I have experienced through this work. My scoliosis has dramatically decreased. My ability to love myself and hold those around me with greater compassion has significantly increased. My daughter, who is quite the skeptic when it comes to energy work asked to experience a CI session, since she has seen such a transformation in me since I have been practicing.
This process of assisting others in clearing the layers of clouds that obscure our divine essence feels like my true calling, and I am honored to be able to offer this work as a CI Practitioner.

Can you visualize a wave of lavender washing through you?
Can you hear the “silver laughter of sprites”?
Can you feel a wave of energy surging up through your soles?
And most importantly, are you ready to let go of old animosities?
Particularly the ones you “love to hate”?
If so, then you may discover a powerful connection with Jeannie McKenzie’s healing work.
In pairing with Jeannie, I experienced a subtle but significant clearing of the physical and psychic “load” that had left me feeling exhausted and “beat up” by some of my colleagues. Most importantly, I was able to recognize and accept a long line of “thin-lipped” female ancestors who were not precisely the archetypal “nurturing mothers”.
I experienced Jeannie’s images and suggestions as simultaneously grounded and practical while being poetic and uplifting. When re-encountering the same insensitive colleagues, I was able to let their negativity run off me without touching my core.
Jeannie has been developing a true gift, one that supports us in walking through our daily lives with less turbulence – a marvelous thing all around!

Desda, your book and work is amazingly powerful. I just had work done by one of your students/graduates, Jeannie Mckenzie. Wow. That really sums up how much better I feel, how much taller I am standing, how clear I feel. Thank you for sharing this important and life saving work with the world.

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