Michaela McGivern, OT

Phone: 707-217-7732
Email: mcgivern@sonic.net
Info: Seeing clients in Sebastopol
Working remote by phone and Skype

I have been involved with and practicing Energy Medicine for more than 20 years on a quest to clear the core and bring more joy and light into the lives every one I touch. With Core Individuation I have developed a profound understanding and appreciation of how exquisitely refined the Sacred Energy Anatomy is in each of us. The work of CI has shown me how to elegantly and gracefully clear debris and old issues that hinder us from becoming our most brilliant selves. It also helps repair damage and realign our structure and step so that we can step into our natural state of divinity while making it possible for us to embody our highest potential.

CI is a comprehensive approach to healing physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual issues in a powerful and transformative way. I have seen more success and faster results with CI work than any other modality that I have studied in 25 years! I am dedicated to sharing it with others so that the healing and liberation may be available for all.

Since my work with Michaela, I have experienced breakthrough moments in my every day life! Michaela has helped me
re-solve situations that used to run the show. Now, I am functioning fully in my personal power and am able to recognize and take Action in alignment with my truer destination. My life is changed!
Michaela McGivern + Core Individuation = FREEDOM

I have had the great fortune to work with Michaela during times of devastating emotional pain and loss.

Her loving wisdom created a safe place for me to explore and release life long patterns that continually attracted unhealthy situations in my life. Michaela’s keen intuition allows the use of many amazing healing modalities including Core Individuation.

I now have many practical tools to employ though my daily spiritual journey of living and healing. I look forward to continuing my work with Michaela as a gifted healer.

Michaela McGivern has worked on me on several occasions when I was much in need of clearing out some old debris, unwanted hangers-on, emotional velcro and that sort of thing. Each time, I went to her filled with fatigue and depression from this onslaught of negativity that unknowingly came into my body. She worked her magic and I was able to reclaim my own space, kick out the unwanted (and often unknown) “body snatchers” and restore my generally good-hearted and smiling nature.

It wasn’t easy. She worked on each aspect until it was clear, which sometimes took quite awhile. One is in such a trusting position to let a practitioner delve into your personal inner space…and I feel completely as ease with Michaela. I’ve recommended her numerous times and will continue to do so.

It’s like having Glenda the Good Witch come and tap you on the head with her magic wand and make all the flying monkeys go away!

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