Nancy Randall

Phone: 415 626-1288
Info: Seeing clients at 358 Hermann St. San Francisco, CA 94117
Level I Practitioner since 2015.
Working remotely by phone and Skype

A truly ingenious perspective of the subtle body, I have found CoreIndividuation’s information vital to being a healer. Studying Desda Zuckerman’s sacred anatomy fulfills an inner knowingness and remembering. I’ve grabbed the brass ring in having the opportunity to study with her. The healings I have received are life changing. Softly nuanced, yet quite palpable, the unseen becoming viable and seen, allow for love and compassion to become the foundation of being in the world.
CI work is penetrating and reflective as it opens the Self up to the interconnectedness of everything. Sensing the world from this new perspective, I feel this work is my life’s purpose. The material is monumentally profound. To continue to grow myself as a human being, study the subtle anatomy and CI’s philosophy and protocols, is a journey of consciousness that includes much love and support along the way. The work approaches life with an expanded awareness and self-acceptance that offers the possibility of living fully and in an embodied present. Witnessing clients make connections and shifts on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels is magical, effective and heartwarming.

As someone who was ready to make a shift in my life I came to Nancy with an open heart and mind. I felt so welcomed and at home with Nancy, she was so easy to speak with. I was able to
share with her my experiences that have created negative thought and emotional patterns in my life. It was my goal for the session to begin to unravel and release some of those patterns and behaviors which were no longer serving me. I feel like I got just that. After my session I have felt a sense of calm and oneness with myself I cannot ever remember feeling. I have a greater ability to access a way out from the negative patterns that had been ruling my life instead of staying stuck in a behavior or anxious pattern.

When I came to a session with Nancy, I had a physical pain as the most pressing issue. I was able to quickly realize that the bigger issue was emotional, and cleared the things that have had me feeling irritable and depressed. I felt immediately more positive and clear-headed. It was an eye-opening experience.

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