Rhona Post

Level IV Practitioner, MA MCC CCIP

Phone: 941 554-8466
Email: rpost@thehealercoach.com
Info: Seeing clients in Sarasota, FL
Practitioner since 2010, working remotely by phone and Skype

Healer Coaching is the evolution of more than 25 years of study and practice in leadership development, from the inside out. Combining the foundation of somatic (mind/body) coaching that fosters wholeness, with the deeply spiritual practices of mindfulness and energy healing, Healer Coaching supports clients to access their own innate wisdom.
As a result, clients re-frame their conduct-their thoughts, speech and actions, viewing themselves and others with greater compassion and kindness.

The work you do is sacred. You keep it pure and deep and real

Whatever you did by helping me remove this negative energy has totally transformed my relationship with my husband, not only sexually, but in every way

I am feeling so much better; almost giddy and lighthearted after the last few days of doing my mantra’s and forgiveness meditations. I feel so much happier and more detached from the story.

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