Seroya Pauline Crouch

Level IV Practitioner, ND

Phone: 707-934-7167
Info: Seeing clients at Marin-Sonoma area locations
Practitioner since 2009, working remotely by phone and Skype

Seroya Pauline Crouch, ND is a naturalist, mother, and naturopathic physician who has dedicated herself to understanding the whole. Her studies and practices have involved in depth exploration of the multidimensional self, the world of nature and Gaia, and world spiritual traditions. She is a healer and teacher and recently spent 3 years in Australia as the academic head of Endeavour College of Natural Health, were she also enjoyed the unique natural environment and connected with Aboriginal culture.
As a licensed naturopathic physician since 1985, I have focused on healing approaches that restore the fundamental unity of mind, emotions, spirit and physical body. As a CoreIndividuation™ Practitioner, I stand for your inherent wholeness, assisting you to transform and release the stumbling blocks of your personal history. Acting as a spiritual midwife, I am present, attentive, expectant and welcoming, as your authentic self gradually emerges into the world–luminous and joyful–free to live the life you are meant to live — Seroya

I have felt burdened my entire life with crippling low self esteem and an unexplainable self-hatred. I have been trying for 25 years to heal these issues using modalities such as therapy, mind-body work, prayer, meditation, ceremony, and hypnotherapy (to name a few). Everything has helped a little, but nothing seemed to get to the foundation of the problem.

These painful issues have resolved since I started working with Dr. Crouch. She is the only person who has been able to get to the deepest energetic root of the problem. She is the most tuned in, intuitive healer I have ever met. I used to dread each new day. If I had found CI 25 years ago I could have saved myself a lifetime of pain. Seroya, thank you for giving me my life back.

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