Desda Zuckerman, Founder

Sita Flammer

Level II Practitioner

Phone: 541-232 -3635
email: :
Info:  In Ashland, OR, seeing clients in person and by phone

I have been doing healing work for over 20 years. I work with people privately and in groups with a focus on spiritual expansion and self love. My passion is to support women and men to be in touch with their subtle feelings and actual truth.

I am certified in Yoga, Qigong, women’s Taoist sacred practices, Reiki, Massage, Peer counseling and Skin Care. Since 2016 I have been authorized by Desda as a Sacred Anatomy Practitioner with advanced studies in removal of entities, possessions and other forms of energetic interference.

As a spiritual guide, I value creative partnership and wish to serve sensitive people coming out into the modern world with their gifts and talents. Together we will transform your deepest challenges into lasting positive change.


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