Suzanne Zeman

Level IV Practitioner, M.S.C.

Phone: (510) 524-7620
Website: http:/
Info: CI Practitioner since 2008
Seeing clients in Richmond, CA.
Working remotely by phone and Skype

Suzanne has been delivering, designing, and producing education, consulting and coaching to bring about change and innovation for over 30 years. She has considerable experience managing, training and coaching high performing teams. Suzanne translates complex theories and ideas into action, and has worked with executives and teams in private industry, the public sector, and non-profit organizations, with individuals and groups as large as 300. She has traveled widely and brings a multicultural perspective to her work.

Suzanne began her career as a research scientist, having received her BS in Chemistry from Rutgers University and her MS in Chemistry from Tufts, where she studied as an NDEA IV Fellow. Additional post-graduate work included completing the 3-year Ontological Design Course with Dr. Fernando Flores, certification as an ontological coach, several years training in Somatics and Leadership with Dr. Richard Strozzi-Heckler, and training and apprenticeship with Desda Zuckerman. She is a certified master somatic coach and certified CoreIndividuation ™ practitioner.

“If you are working with me, together we reveal limitations or places where you may be contracted in your physical structure, mental models and interpretations, emotional reactions, and expression of spirit. I will help you see what’s missing and design practices for you to expand your range of what’s possible. With continuous practice, new actions will become natural, conversations that you didn’t know how to have will be easier, and your desired future will emerge. I am dedicated to help you achieve profound joy, accomplishment and fulfillment. ”

– Suzanne Zeman

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