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Desda has been developing and leading workshops for 20 years.  Edge Practice Training is her jewel – the class she has taught and refined most often, and which imparts the most basic elements of her work.  If the question is how to work with energy, the answer is:  recognize your own subtle anatomy and then move on from there.  This is the moment where you come to recognize the unseen mystery of who and what you really are; an individuated spark of divine light 40 feet across, with a physical body in the middle of it all.  We are much more than we thought, and so is our capacity.

To recognize and incorporate this knowledge was a turning point in Desda’s life.  To learn to teach it one of her major accomplishments.  To train others to teach it effectively is the culmination of a life’s learning and passion.

What may seem mysterious at first becomes second nature once you’ve experienced it.  If this is an essential aspect of what it means to be human, then how hard can it be?  Just to be shown the way will open your eyes to things you always expected to see.

These individuals have demonstrated their deep understanding of this work, and are actively teaching the In Depth Edge Training, a two day workshop at this time.

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The Edge Practice Teacher Corps

Lorin Kaufman

Lorin has a heart that wraps around you and lets you know every single little thing will work out just fine. A deeply spiritual person she was drawn to Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicne in 2004 and dove into the Apprentice Program just a year later. Certified as a Dance Therapist Lorin worked in clinical mental health care settings until co-founding Alchemia, a creative arts program for differently abled adults, which she managed for 16 years. Her spiritual practice informed her life choices and by 2008 when Lorin certified as a practitioner she had integrated the principles of SAEM into her life. In 2014 she went full time into developing her SAEM Practice bringing the depth and wisdom from a lifetime of wide ranging interactions with humanity into her healing mission. Lorin’s spirit soars when she teaches, her curious mind goes deep into what presents in a healing session and she brings focused dedication to the celebration of the sacred with every word. By living the principles of Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicne, Lorin takes a stand for what is possible when love and light are tangible tools in life and “being open to the possibility” is a defining belief.

Jeannie McKenzie

Jeannie McKenzie

Jeannie has been a practitioner of barefoot shiatsu massage since 1986 and biodynamic cranial sacral work since 2000. She is a musician, a mime, and an Orff music teacher for children, and has been practicing yoga since 1972 and chi gung since 1990. All of these practices have contributed to her curiosity about and understanding of energy and how it moves us.  “Meeting Desda and discovering SAEM felt like a homecoming for my soul. Her explanation of our energetic anatomy felt immediately true to me, and I as I studied, I experienced an awakening to my greater energetic being that I had previously only glimpsed. I began eagerly practicing everything I learned as I deepened my studies with Desda, and I have been amazed at the transformation I have experienced through this work. My scoliosis has dramatically decreased. My ability to love myself and hold those around me with greater compassion has significantly increased. My daughter, who is quite the skeptic when it comes to energy work asked to experience a SAEM session, since she has seen such a transformation in me since I have been practicing. This process of assisting others in clearing the layers of clouds that obscure our divine essence feels like my true calling, and I am honored to be able to offer this work as a SAEM Practitioner.”


Colleen Lindstrom

Colleen is a gifted Network Chiropractor and Craniosacral Therapist who specializes in working with children.  Introduced to Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine just a few years ago, Colleen is now a certified SAEM Practitioner and Edge Practice Instructor.

Colleen brings a rare combination of technical expertise and deep insight along with a fresh and unbridled enthusiasm for life and healing.  Her offices in Sausalito and Point Reyes display the sense of spaciousness and balance that she brings to her work.  Colleen is just beginning her teaching journey in January, and you are hereby invited to a magical experience!






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