Kickstarter Story

book_cover1The Kickstarter Story!

In January of 2010 I was contacted by my long time client and friend Michael Margolis of Story University fame. He wanted to know when my book project would be finished. I told him I was close to completing my first draft.

“This work HAS to get out there!” Michael’s excitement was palpable through the phone and before I knew it he was on a plane coming out to meet with me and help me bring the work into the world. Even though I knew what the book would be about and had finally finished a first draft it was a long way from being ready to publish. I needed an editor and that cost money.

It was the enthusiastic Michael who urged me to enlist the support of all the wonderful friends I have made through my CoreIndividuation healing and teaching work by selling the book in advance and offering rewards on Kickstarter to raise money. An amazing crowd sourcing site, Kickstarter was the perfect place for me to fund the editing, design, illustration and publication of my book.

It took me two full months to get the campaign ready to launch and honestly was a lot more work than I thought it would be… but thanks to the incredible generosity of some dear friends, Lorin Kaufman and Kim I made a terrific video, others helped me organize my presentation and put together the very first promotional campaign of my life. Michael hovered like a helicopter parent and darned if at the beginning of May, 2011 I didn’t get underway!

The experience was incredibly exciting and I raised way more money than I expected. Launching a Kickstarter campaign was WAY out of my comfort zone but the result was that a little community of support was born. People of good will and love bought the books and signed up for the rewards. On June 2, 2011 the campaign ended with us soaring over the initial goal by over $1000! In all we raised $9300 in 22 days!

These amazing folks stayed with me through the long journey to the finished book. I sent UPDATE after UPDATE keeping the backers posted on every move and after 25 UPDATES and a full year and ½ of constant and focused effort both print books AND E-Books went off to their proud owners- truly full partners in the project.

This book would not exist without these wonderful kind people. I am beyond grateful to them, old and new friends all! This book belongs to all of us now!

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