Thank You Kickstarter Backers

You are a part of the awakening…

Thank you to my tribe, friends, students, neighbors and people of my people’s people!

There is no longer a need to hide this esoteric knowledge- in fact it wants to be out there! And with your faith and support this book is making it happen. Thank you for being a partner in this exciting event and contributing to the process with much needed funds. Not to mention that you are the first people in the world to read Your Sacred Anatomy: An Owner’s Guide to the Human Energy Structure, to own it, see the illustrations and hold it in your hands.

Keep spreading the word! Share the website and our book with anyone you know who would be interested in this information and who might see the value of it in their life. Contribute whatever you can to get the sacred anatomy out there and together we will get this 45 years of research and study and 10 years of writing and rewriting into the world in a big way!

I thank you each from the bottom of my heart,

– Desda


The Book Launch!

Your Sacred Anatomy: An Owner’s Guide to the Human Energy Structure is almost in our hands. Just another few weeks and it will be here! Watch the website for book launch party announcements- The minute we know location and date we’ll send up a flag, shoot out a mass emailing and probably hang a banner in front of the house. Keep your eyes peeled and don’t miss this groundbreaking event!

Kickstarter Backers:

Tara Gasta Linda Hoopes Barbara Bazemore
Jaz Goven Brooke Beazley Roberta Whitney
Sally Kornhauser Carl Lieberman/Lynn Rosenfield John Schulman
David Cat Cohen JoAnn Canosa Brad Yantzer
Rochelle Karter Julia Holland Basia Yakaitis
Jo Sopko Rebecca Rice Jay W. and Stephanie Bennett Vogt
Shelley Morhaim Marcia Amirault Caroline Tosh
Yeshi Neumann Seroya Pauline Crouch Steve Lishansky
Lynn/Andy Roth Rose Linkens Lorin Kaufman
Dani Kazee Theresa MacLean Barbara Bazemore
Sidney Kaufman Kate and Rusty Lutz David Kitts
Catherine Guelfi Karen Hutton Joanne Brem
Sondra Oczkus Aina Congram Devatara Holman, MS, MA, LAc
Cassandra Costello Elke Paul Lynn Ewing
Fred Finkelstein Linsay Preston Leslie van Veenendaal
Clare Penn Rita Dettore Derek Rice
Paul Bonapart Kay O’Neil Sheridan Gates
Susan Ezra Diana Fish Howard Teich
Michael Arrow Alice Liptrot Frieda Wasserman
Les Perelman Cari Alter Alice and Bill Cordtz
Frances McCain Gishela Guillen Ilona Sullivan Galante
Barbara Hoffer Savana Brunet Suzanne Zeman
Juanita Freeburger Glenn Hartelius Regina Schulman
Elizabeth Morris Judy Preston Barbara Musser
Barbara Richards Bonnie Pastor Karen Smart
Janis McNair Lisa Provino Larry Miller and Mary Kelly
Brenda Walsh Kelly Peters Harriet Beinfield and Efrem Korngold
Linda Milks Viviane Chen Shira and Bobby Zuckerman
Kristina Ryan Sarita Lopez Jackie and Van Vandergriff
Michael Margolis John Wyrick and Maura Keeler Dr. Dawn Over
Nicole Savoie Tabatha Parker Katie Sullivan
Virginia Combs Valarie Schooley


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